Worcestershire Record: Articles by Issue

This page lists the articles published in Worcestershire Record, in the issue in which they were published.

Articles by Issue

Issue 1 (originally Volume 1 Issue 1) - 1996

p.1     The Worcestershire Flora Project
p.2     Lepidoptera Recording Scheme for Hereford and Worcestershire
p.2     Dragonfly Recording in Worcestershire
p.3     "Dragonflies of Worcestershire"
p.3     WBRC History and Future
p.9     There's Always Something New Out of Africa
p.10    Surprises in the Garden

Issue 2 (originally Volume 1 Issue 2) - April 1997

p.1     The Development of the Worcestershire Biological Records Centre - Where Are We Now?
p.2     Certificate in Biological Recording and Species Identification
p.3     A Rough Guide to the Status of Amphibians in Worcestershire(1997)
p.3     A Rough Guide to the Status of Reptiles in Worcestershire (1997)
p.4     Gomphus vulgatissimus - Overlooked or always there?
p.4     Crayfish in Worcestershire
p.6     Butterflies for the New Millennium - The ButterflyNet Project
p.6     The Hymenoptera
p.8     Terrestrial (Land) Caddis
p.8     The Enigmatic Mole Cricket Lives On
p.9     Water Vole Watch
p.10    BTO Bird Surveys

Issue 3 (originally Volume 1 Issue 3 - November 1997)

p.1     News of the Records Centre
p.1     From the Worcestershire Biological Records Centre
p.3     New Beetle National Rarity On A Different Fungus Than Usual: 
                 Lycoperdina bovistae (Endomychidae)
p.4     BTO Survey Of Breeding Lapwings In England & Wales, 1998 
p.4     Waterways Breeding Birds Survey (WBBS)
p.4     Elms in Worcestershire
p.6     Dandelions In Worcestershire
p.7     Worcestershire Wolves!
p.7     Pats and Robbers!
p.8     Scarce Ground Beetle Found At Devils Spittleful And Rifle Range: Amara praetermissa (Coleoptera, Carabidae)
p.8     Essex Skipper Arrives In Worcestershire
p.9     Entomological Meeting At The Devil's Spittleful and Rifle Range Wildlife Reserves
p.9     Holly Blues Are Here Again
p.10    I Got Those Holly Blues
p.11    Urban Slow-worms in Worcester City
p.11    County Herons On A High
p.17    Butterfly Recording in SP06 (Redditch)

Issue 4 (originally Volume 1 Issue 4 - May 1998)

p.1     Worcestershire BRC Developments
p.1     Report of the Recorder's meeting held on 13th May 1998
p.3     Pooling Our Knowledge For The Common Good
p.3     Hunt The Land Caddis
p.4     Land Register For A Caddis Larva
p.5     New Snail To Worcestershire - Hygromia cinctella
p.6     Stoneworts In Worcestershire
p.7     Cotton-wool Galls In Worcestershire
p.7     Flies And Micromoths - Old Birds Nests Wanted
p.8     Insect Photography: An Added Enjoyment To Your Recording With Real Scientific Value!
p.9     The Acid Flowers
p.10    On The Trail Of The Marsh Frog...
p.11    An Unusual Water Bug From The River Teme: Aphelocheirus aestivalis (F).
p.12    The Brown Ant: Lasius brunneus (Latreille)
p.12    The Return Of The Magnificent Seven?
p.14    Wintering Blackcaps
p.14    Winter Blackcap Project
p.14    Nightingales 1998
p.15    Green Woodpeckers: Unusual Feeding Behaviour
p.15    Luck Sometimes Holds Out

Issue 5 - November 1998

p.1     BRC Development
p.2     WBRC on the Web
p.2     The Computerisation of the Biological Records Centre
p.3     Records for Biodiversity Priority Species
p.6     Longhorn Beetles in Worcestershire, 1998 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae)
p.10    Asilus crabroniformis Hornet Robber Fly. Survey in Worcestershire - Help Wanted
p.10    Coleoptera - A Rare Oil Beetle: Meloe rugosus marsh. (Meloidae)
p.12    Records of Marbled White: Melanargia galathea
p.12    Dragonfly Roundup - 1998
p.13    An Alien in South Worcestershire
p.14    Mole Cricket
p.15    Diptera - Some Scarce Flies Recently In Worcestershire
p.16    The Results from The Great Stag Beetle Hunt in Worcestershire
p.17    Records for Pholcus phalangioides, The Daddy-Longlegs Spider 1998
p.17    Keep Hunting the Land Caddis - Enoicyla pusilla
p.18    Dormice in West Worcestershire - But Where?
p.19    The National Fox Survey
p.19    A Mouse in Your House?
p.20    In The Pink?
p.20    Stonewort Update
p.20    Wintering Blackcaps Survey - Help Wanted
p.21    Nightingales in Worcestershire, Summer 1998
p.24    BTO Lapwing Survey 1998
p.25    Lapwing and Golden Plover Survey Winter 1998-99
p.25    BTO Breeding Birds Survey
p.27    Book review
p.27    Grafton Wood Recording Day

Issue 6 - April 1999

p.2     Introduction
p.2     Summer 1999 Activities
p.3     Recording - What's it for?
p.6     The Millennium Butterfly Atlas. Worcestershire are County Champions?
p.7     Additional Notable Coleoptera Recorded in Worcestershire in 1998
p.8     Another New Record for Tiddesley Wood. Nemophora cupriacella (Hubn)
p.12    Hygromia cinctella - The Girdled Snail Moves Northwards
p.12    The Mysterious Biology, and Survey, of Asilus crabroniformis
p.13    Spiders: Last Year, Recorders' Day, and What Next?
p.13    Grafton Wood Spiders
p.14    News from the Data Entry Project
p.15    Discovery of Thlaspi perfoliatum L. (Cotswold Pennycress) in Worcestershire
p.15    Cephalanthera longifolia - Sword-Leaved Helleborine
p.16    Common Buzzards in Worcestershire
p.18    Migrant Bird Recording at Broadway Gravel Pit Nature Reserve
p.18    Birds in Worcestershire - November 1998 to February 1999
p.19    Nightingales in Worcestershire 1999
p.19    Bombus ruderatus in Worcestershire?
p.19    The Marbled White Melanargia galathea in 1998
p.20    Bumblebees Endangered
p.21    Guide to the Status of the Larger Moths of Worcestershire
p.24    Leaf Mining Lepidoptera
p.25    Moth Identification - A Beginners Experience (200 Species in Seven Months)
p.26    A Red Data Book Water Beetle - Hydrochus elongatus (Schaller) - in Wardon
p.26    Analysis of the Diet of Leisler's Bat at a Roost at Hartlebury

Issue 7 - November 1999

p2     Introduction
p2     A Bibliography of Worcestershire's Natural History
p3     Progress with the National Biodiversity Network - A Visit to Nottingham.
p3     Progress on Computerisation on WBRC Records
p3     Special Wildlife Sites and Species
p5     Are you interested in learning more about mosses and liverworts?
p6     The Border Bryologists and The British Bryological Society
p7     Birds in Worcestershire - April to November 1999
p8     BTO Surveys
p9     Nightingale Survey - Worcestershire 1999 Results
p10    Birds At The New Gwen Finch Wetlands, Birlingham: July/August 1999
p12    Asilus crabroniformis (Diptera - Asilidae) In Worcestershire, Kidderminster Area, 1999
p13    New Orthopteran for Worcestershire - Short-winged Conehead
p13    The Orthoptera (Grasshoppers and Crickets) of Worcestershire
p15    Butterfly Records Arising from Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Publicity and Phone-ins 1999
p16    Monitoring Rural Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) Populations November 1998 to October 20001
p16    Small Mammals and Road Verges. A National Survey
p17    Weasels Crossing!
p17    Polecats Are On Their Way Back
p18    Worcestershire Spider Report - Autumn 1999
p19    Rare Soldier Fly Stratiomys singularior (Harris 1776) at Upton Warren
p19    Soldier Fly Stratiomys potamida Meigen 1822 and Hoverflies at Roundhill Wood
p20    Notable Coleoptera Photographed in Worcestershire in 1999
p20    Worcestershire Longhorn Beetles (Cerambycidae): An Update.
p20    Second County Site for Rare Micromoth Nemophora minimella
p21    Interesting Sawflies (Symphyta) Abia sericea and Abia candens photographed in 1999
p21    Snails in Death's Dingle
p22    Worcestershire Mothers Group Moth Report 1999
p22    Swimming Weevils at British Camp Reservoir, Malvern
p22    Some Notable Coleoptera Recorded During Surveys in Worcestershire 1999
p25    Worcestershire Red Data Book: Critical Analysis Of Specifically The Structure
p25    The Abstract Centre of Organisation (Best Use of Funds)
p26    Survey and Interpretation of (Particularly Invertebrate) Species Lists
p26    New Book Available: Variation in British Butterflies
p27    Cephalanthera longifolia(L.) Fritsch, Narrow-Leaved Helleborine in the Wyre Forest
p27    The Whitty Pear Alias the Old Sorb Tree Alias the True Service Tree, Sorbus Domestica L. In Worcestershire
p27    The Whitty Pear - Sorbus domestica L. A Natural Pioneer Millennium Award Project, Work in Progress
p31    An Orchard Survey of the City of Worcester February 1999
p33    Loss of Dunnock Nest - To a Frog!
p33    Book Review: English Flowers from Foreign Fields
p34    Upton Warren Worcs BRC Survey Day
p37    Windmill Hill WWT Reserve Recording Day, 29th May 1999
p41    Windmill Hill Spiders

Issue 8 - April 2000

p.1     Introduction to Issue 8 - April 2000
p.3    2000 - The Year of the Grasshopper
p.4    Maps of Orthoptera Distribution from Worcestershire BRC Records
p.8    Hopping Mad - An Identification Guide to the Orthoptera of Worcestershire
p.11   The Noble Chafer - Records Wanted
p.11   Crayfish Survey
p.12   Birds inWorcestershire - November 1999 to April 2000
p.12   Seabird 2000
p.13   Village Swallows
p.14   Woodpeckers of Rock Coppice
p.15   Radio Birds
p.16   1999 Breeding Season Survey of Common Buzzard around Broadway
p.16   What Do Buzzards Eat?
p.16   Windmill Hill Hymenoptera
p.17   Progress on the Worcestershire Biodiversity Action Plan
p.17   Recorder 2000 - The waiting is almost over
p.18  What is the NBN?
p.18   The NBN
p.20   The High Brown Hills Project
p.21   Joint BRC/Butterfly Conservation Millenium Atlas
p.21   New Millipede for Worcestershire
p.22   More Noteworthy Coleoptera from Tiddesley Wood
p.22   Records from a 'Local Patch' - Drakes Broughton Orchards
p.24   Dragonfly Round-Up 1999
p.25   Biological Recording Techniques Course
p.25   Abstract Centre of Organisation - A Reply
p.26   Ancient Tree Forum
p.27   Glow Worms?
p.27   Terrestrial Flatworms
p.28   Upton Warren WBRC Survey Day - additional records
p.31   Worcestershire Hymenoptera

Issue 9 - November 2000

p.2    Worcestershire Record No 9
p.3    Don Goddard
p.4    Recorder 2000 - 1
p.4    Recorder 2000 -2
p.5    BRC Report, December 2000
p.5    Wyre Forest Study Group
p.5    Adopt a square (or a plot or a pond)
p.5    Consumer GPS comes of age
p.7    Border Bryologists 2001 programme
p.7    What do buzzards eat?
p.8    Water beetles in Worcestershire
p.10   Birds in Worcestershire May-October 2000
p.11   BTO Surveys
p.12   Using species records in 2000
p.13   Species knowledge in site management - the need for local information
p.13   Clouded Yellow, Colias croceus f. 'helice' at Mill Meadow
p.13   A new mammals atlas for Worcestershire?
p.14   Use of bird feeder by dormice
p.14   Water vole soup
p.15   Water shrews in Worcestershire
p.15   Grass Snakes in Drakes Broughton
p.15   Argyroneta surfaces again!
p.16   Orthoptera identification at Grafton Wood August 2000
p.16   Hopper Round-up
p.16   Alive and Ticking
p.17   Worcestershire's Orthoptera
p.18   The rarest fly in Worcestershire- Paraclusia tigrina at Tiddesley Wood
p.18   Saltmarsh flies at Upton Warren Flashpools
p.18   Have legs, will travel! (Harvestman Dicranopalpus ramosus)
p.19   Bombus ruderatus, the Large Garden Bumble Bee at Windmill Hill
p.19   The Sycamore Moth - Acronita aceris. Confirmed modern record for Worcestershire.
p.20   Hymenoptera 2000
p.21   Hymenopteran cells
p.23   Mistletoe bugs
p.23   The Kiss Me Slow beetle
p.23   Conopidae ( Diptera) at Mill Meadow, Drakes Broughton, 2000
p.24   Long-tailed Blue in Pershore
p.24   A New Gall on Alder
p.25   Mill Meadow, Drakes Broughton, 2000, Coleoptera of Note
p.25   Tiddesley Wood, 2000, Coleoptera of Note
p.26   Adder census 1999 & Population Trends through the 1990s
p.28   he status and distribution of Great Crested Newt in Worcestershire 2000
p.30   So, have you ever looked closely at a moss or liverwort?
p.31   Elms in Worcestershire
p.33   Summary of Main Characteristics of Elms
p.33   Elm Galls
p.34   Recording Day at Grimley Brick Pits (North) 29th July 2000


Issue 10 - April 2001

p.2    Worcestershire Record No 10 April 2001
p.2    Editorial
p.2    Annual meeting - 31st March 2001
p.3    Improving Biological Information Management Systems in Worcestershire Final Report Summary - March 2000
p.4    Development Plan for The Worcestershire Biological Records Centre
p.5    The BRC - Building an Effective Database
p.5    Training Courses
p.6    Desk Confinement and Databases. A Report from the BAP Manager
p.6    The New Worcestershire Mammal Survey
p.7    Calling All Cuckoos
p.7   Another Soldier Fly Record, Stratiomys potamida
p.7    Distribution and Status of Freshwater Fish Populations in the UK
p.8    Hedwigia ciliata var. ciliata, Fringed Hoar-moss on the Malvern Hills
p.8    Worcestershire Terrapins
p.8    Worcestershire Flora Project - Request for Volunteers
p.9    BTO Surveys
p.9    Merlin Falco columbarius in SE Worcestershire
p.10   Birds in Worcestershire - November 2000 to April 2001
p.11   What do Buzzards Eat?
p.11   Experimental Monitoring Project at Kemerton
p.12   Wintering Chiffchaffs, Phylloscopus collybita, and its sub-species, At Worcestershire Sewage Works
p.13   Wintering Gulls in Worcestershire
p.18   Looking for Bert the Gorilla Boettgerilla pallens
p.18   Have You Seen A Shelled Slug Called Testacella!
p.18   Dragonfly Round-up for 2000
p.19   Worcestershire Moth Report 2000
p.20   Social Wasps and Bumble Bees
p.21   The Jet Ant - Lasius fuliginosus
p.22   Worcestershire Natural Areas
p.32   Progress with the Worcestershire Flora Project
p.36   An Unwelcome Aquatic Invader!
p.38   List of Computerised Records Per Tetrad at 12th April 2001 for some Invertebrates.
p.42   Tetrading in SP05 15th April 2001
p.47    Wolves in Worcestershire

Issue 11 - November 2001

p.2      Editorial
p.2      Field Meetings 2002
p.3      Worcestershire Biological Records Centre - progress report
p.3      Policy on the use of Worcestershire Biological Records Centre Data
p.3      Computerisation of Records, Volunteers Wanted, Records Wanted
p.5      Stag Beetle survey of southern Worcestershire
p.6      Courses for adults on Identification and Recording
p.6      The Border Bryologists
p.7      The Noble Chafer - records wanted
p.8      British Trust for Ornithology Surveys
p.9       Birds in Worcestershire - May to October 2001
p.10     Spotted Flycatcher survey
p.11     What do Buzzards eat?
p.11     Dates of the first Cuckoo in spring 1916 - 2000
p.12     Kemerton Cuttings: News from the Kemerton Trust
p.12     A Check List of the Worcestershire Flora
p.13     Wintering Gulls in Worcestershire Part 3 Lesser Black-backed Gull
p.18     Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside
p.21     Melrose Meadow 2001 Butterfly Transect
p.23     Two rare Fungi
p.23     Some Invertebrates to look out for
p.24     Hymenoptera - Summer 2001
p.24     Worcestershire Spiders
p.25     Chasers on the Wood Shed
p.26     Abia sawflies at Mill Meadow, Drakes Broughton
p.27     Records of Note 2001
p.31     Dolichovespula media. Records of this unusual wasp
p.32     The Earwigs of Worcestershire
p.33     Worcestershire Mammal Atlas update
p.33     Winter mammal monitoring (National Pilot project)
p.34     Zebra Mussels: a warning and history
p.34     Worcestershire Turtles and crawling King Snakes
p.37     The status and distribution of Great Crested Newts in Worcestershire 2000
p.39     Wyre Forest Adder census and report 2000
p.40     Limax maculatus: new to Worcestershire
p.40     Bryophytes 2001
p.41     Wyre Forest Study Group
p.42     Tetrad Survey 2001
p.44     Bombardier Beetle found near Honeybourne
p.45     WBRC Field Meeting Penny Hill Bank & Quarry 21 July 2001
p.49     WBRC Field Meeting Devils Spittleful 1 September 2001


Issue 12 - April 2002

p.2     Editorial
p.2     Field meetings 2002
p.3     WBRC Developments update
p.3     Worcestershire's Ancient Tree Register
p.13    Demise of the Mawley Oak
p.15    Cuckoos in Worcestershire 2001  
p.17    Birds in Worcestershire November 2001 to April 2002
p.18    Pintail in the Severn Vale
p.22    Swallows in 2001
p.23    Fieldfare Orchard
p.24    What do Buzzards eat?
p.24    Bombardier Beetle
p.25    Ladybirds in Worcestershire
p.28    Hoverflies in Worcestershire
p.35    Worcestershire Mammal Atlas
p.39    Water Beetles
p.40    Records from Grimley Brick-Pits
p.43    Invertebrate recording in site evaluation
p.44    Provisional Atlas of British Spiders
p.45    Spider Notes
p.46    The use of old records - some worked examples
p.51    Border Bryologists
p.51    River Cliff Woodlands in Worcestershire
p.51    Ancient Woodland resource of Worcestershire
p.53    Kemerton Cuttings March 2002
p.54    Worcestershire Biodiversity Partnership Newsletter
p.55    News and Information


Issue 13 - November 2002

p.2     Editorial
p.3     WBRC Developments
p.4     Skills on Show
p.5     Spider Notes
p.6     Worcestershire's Ancient Tree Register
p.7     Freshwater Algae of Worcestershire
p.8     Mosses and Liverworts in the West Midlands
p.9     Hunting Sphagnum
p.9     Border Bryologists, 2002 - 2003
p.9     Discovery of Eleogiton fluitans at Castle Morton Common
p.10   BTO Surveys
p.13    Buzzard Story
p.13    Assemblage of Common Buzzards
p.13    More Buzzard Food
p.13    Wren at peanut feeder
p.14    Further encounter with a sparrowhawk
p.14    Crossbills
p.15    Birds in Worcestershire - April 2002 to October 2002
p.15    Bredon Hill Spotted Flycatcher Survey
p.16    Egrets of Worcestershire
p.16    Kemerton Cuttings
p.17    Lesser Spotted Woodpecker - New at Upton Warren
p.17    Worcester Barn Owl Society
p.18    Observations of pre-roosting behaviour of Corvids at Bunkers Hill Wood
p.19    Study of the importance of gardens for Tree Sparrows
p.22    Chaddesley Wood bird surveys
p.23    Pine Marten record for Worcestershire?
p.24    Worcestershire Mammal Atlas
p.24    Dragonflies in 2002
p.25    Byctiscus populi. The status and biology of a rare SAP weevil in Worcestershire
p.27    Suburban insects in Worcestershire 12-13 August 2002
p.28    Garden Hoverflies    
p.28    Continuing the search for Enoicyla pusilla
p.29    Lepidoptera, records of note, 2002
p.30    Coleoptera, records of note, 2002
p.31    Diptera, records of note, 2002
p.31    Heteroptera, records of note, 2002
p.32    Symphyta, records of note, 2002
p.32    Glow-worms at Windmill Hill Reserve
p.33    Fungal Note
p.34    Metoecus paradoxus
p.35    Adders in the Wyre Forest 2001
p.37    Worcestershire Recorders' Recording Days
VC37 and Greater Worcestershire: the recording area of WBRC

Issue 14 - April 2003

p.2    Editorial
p.3    Worcestershire Recorders
p.3    WBRC Manager’s Report
p.4    News from Worcestershire Biodiversity Partnership
p.5    Worcestershire’s Ancient Tree register
p.6    Misumena vatia records required
p.7    Continuing the search for Land Caddis Enoicyla pusilla
p.8    BTO Surveys
p.9    Birds in Worcestershire November 2002 to April 2003
p.10    Sparrowhawk stalking on foot
p.10    What do buzzards eat?
p.10    Mallard feeding frenzy
p.10    Dates of First Cuckoo in Spring
p.11    Rose-coloured starling in SE Worcestershire
p.12    Raptor watching in SE Worcestershire
p.14    Great Cormorants on Moors Pool, Upton Warren
p.16    In search of the woolly bear – please help
p.16    Observations on some Worcestershire Macrolepidoptera
p.17    Celyphia woodiana: a rare and localised insect for recorders to look out for
p.17    The mining bee colony at Kemerton Lake nature reserve
p.18    The noble chafer – records wanted
p.19    Volucella inanis reaches Worcestershire
p.20    VC37 (Worcestershire) Butterfly transect annual review 2002
p.22    Caterpillars in December at Sale Green
p.23    Worcestershire Moth Report 2002
p.25    Worcestershire Flora Project Progress Report
p.28    Worcestershire Black Poplar survey 2002
p.29    Worcestershire Mammal Atlas
p.31    The contemporary Bryological scene in Worcestershire
p.33    Mud-covered moss hunters – Worcestershire moss group
p.34    The squash bug Coreus marginata in Worcestershire
p.35    Field garlics and wild orchids at Windmill Hill 1970-2002
p.38    Worcestershire botany – the historical record
p.45    Recent declines in Worcestershire Flora (1970-2002)assessed from changes in tetrad distribution
p.45    Tales of Eastern borage and trails from the archives
p.47    Assessing change from the botanical literature: An example: changes in Fabceae 1867-2000
p.49    Biographies of Worcestershire botanists. No1: William Groves Perry 1796-1836
p.53    Worcestershire Algae


Issue 15 - November 2003

p.2     Worcestershire Record No. 15. Editorial. Annual Meeting 2004. Annual subscription 2004.
p.3     Worcestershire Recorders Committee. Elections. Constitution
p.4     Annual Meeting 2004 - some details. Field Recording days 2004.
p.5     WWT Programme of Courses 2004
p.6     Worcestershire Ancient Tree Register. Harry Green & John Tilt
p.8    Worcestershire Mammals Atlas Project. Harry Green & Shaun Micklewright.
p.11    Pick up a Polecat. Johnny Birks
p.11    Locating a Barbastelle Bat colony in Worcestershire. Johnny Birks
p. 12    What should WBRC do about bird records? Harry Green
p.13    Birds in Worcestershire May-October 2003. Gavin Peplow
p.14    Raptor round-up January to August 2003, Evesham to Cotswold escarpment. Mark Turner & Christine Turner
p.14    Crossbill
p.15    BTO Surveys. Harry Green
p.16    Spotted Flycatcher Project 2003. John Clarke
p.18    Wintering Common Pochard & Tufted Duck, Moors Pool, Upton Warren. Tessa Carrick
p20    Buzzards - yet more!
p.20    Kemerton Cuttings. John Clarke
p.22    Breeding Avocets in Worcestershire. John Hodson
p.23    National Moth Night 12th April 2003 & 22nd May 2004. Rosemary Winnall & Neil Gregory
p.24    The status and numbers of roof-nesting gulls in Worcester. Peter Rock
p.29    Chapter Meadows Bird Survey 2003. Stuart Worrall
p.33    Records of note 2003. Kevin McGee
p.36    Luffia ferchaultella larvae also known as bagworms. Harry Green
p.36    The Long-winged Conehead in Worcestershire. John Meiklejohn
p.37    Carabid records from WBRC. John Partridge
p.38    Worcestershire spiders. John Partridge
p.39    Conchological Society Field Meeting in Worcestershire 21-22 June 2003.
p.40    Hornets at light traps. Neil Gregory
p.40    Hornets and moths in a garden. Colin Harrison
p.41    Head case. Brett Westwood
p.41    Hornets. Harry Green
p.41    Hymenoptera 2003. Geoff Trevis
p.41    Dragonflies in 2003. Mike Averill
p.43    Confirmation of identity of a millipede new to Worcestershire. John Meiklejohn
p.43    Parasitic Ichneumonoid wasps at light traps. Mike Bloxham
p.44    Land Caddis Enoicyla pusilla. Harry Green & Brett Westwood
p.45    Butterfly records from Windmill Hill 1982-2002. Terry Knight
p.51    Grave Matters in Worcestershire. Joy Ricketts
p.52    A Tale of Two Tetrads - local floral change. Bert Reid
p.58    Border Bryologists� meetings Jan-April 2003. Mark Lawley
p.58    Worcestershire Bryophyte Recorder. Ann Hill
p.59    The Sorb Tree of Wyre. The True Service or Whitty Pear Tree. Fred Jennings
Worcestershire Recording Days 2003 -The following documents are large
p.62    Intro & Kempsey Common 31st May 2003.
p.68    Gwen Finch Reserve, Birlingham, 5th July 2003.
p.72    Hillwood Farm & Deaths Dingle 9th August 2003.
p.76    Flora lists from all recording days. John Day
p.78    Slow-worms in a Sale Green Garden. Colin Harrison.
p.79    Worcestershire Ancient Tree Register - distribution map of sites with trees (November 2003). Prepared by John Tilt