Mill Meadow, Drakes Broughton, 2000. Coleoptera of Note

By Kevin McGee

Arranged in chronological order.

Orsodacne cerasi. (Chrysomelidae, local) One photographed on Pear foliage on 23.4.00. Another was photographed on Hogweed flowers at nearby Drakes Broughton orchard on 5.6.00.
Pediacus dermestoides. (Cucujidae, local). One photographed under bark of an Oak log on 23.4.00.
Megatoma undata. (Dermestidae, Notable B). One photographed on the gate-post at the reserve entrance on 23.4.00. & 30.4.00.
Chrysolina staphylaea. (Chrysomelidae, local) . One on nettles along Chevington Lane near the reserve entrance on 23.4.00.
Dorcus parallelipipedus. (Lucanidae, local). Three under an Oak log on 28.5.00. One very large male was photographed.
Judolia cerambyciformis. (Cerambycidae, local) One photographed at Hogweed flowers on 4.6.00. The second year running I’ve recorded this Longhorn here, it’s usually more associated with the north & west of the county.
Psylliodes dulcamarae. (Chrysomelidae, local). One of about 20 was tubed from Bittersweet on 4.6.00. Identification confirmed by P.F.Whitehead.
Hemicrepidius hirtus. (Elateridae, local). One photographed on grasses on 17.6.00.
Cryptarcha strigata. (Nitidulae, Notable B). One photographed at the sap-run of a pollarded Oak on17.6.00.
Serica brunnea. (Scarabaeidae, local). A dead one was collected from a Marsh Thistle on 2.7.00. Identification confirmed by P.F.Whitehead.
Agapanthia villosoviridescens. (Cerambycidae, local). Two were photographed on 2.7.00. One was in the classic text-book situation on a Marsh Thistle stem. Probably the first site-record according to P.F.Whitehead.
Gnorimus nobilis

(Scarabaeidae, RDB2).

The ‘Noble Chafer’ one photographed at Angelica flowers on 15.7.00. Almost certainly the first site-record. This highlights the importance of the region outlying the west of Pershore as a stronghold for this nationally rare beetle.

Anthrenus fuscus. (Dermestidae, local). One tubed from Angelica flowers on 27.7.00. Identification confirmed by P.F.Whitehead.
Rhynchites salicis. (Attelabidae, local). One of about six was tubed from Willow foliage on 1.8.00. Identification confirmed by P.F.Whitehead.
Phloiotrya vaudoueri. (Melandryidae, Notable B). One photographed on an Oak log on 19.8.00. Very possibly the first site-record.
Cychrus caraboides. (Carabidae, local). One under an Oak log on 10.9.00.
Metoecus paradoxus. (Rhipiphoridae, local). One photographed on an Oak trunk on 10.9.00. Very possibly the first site-record.

Thanks to Paul Whitehead for confirming identifications.

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