Worcestershire Record No. 5 Nov 1998 p. 25


G H Green

Worcestershire Regional Representative for British Trust for Ornithology

This important national survey has now been running for five years. The principal features of the BBS are:
Random selection of 1x1km squares (national grid) from 83 BTO sampling regions spread across the UK.
Standardised bird counts in each square between April and June
An initial site visit to set up two 1 km line transects and to record habitat and land use.
Two morning visits to count birds of all species seen or heard. Birds are recorded in three categories relating to the transect line.


Field work is organised by BTO Regional Representatives (RRs) who, like most of the recorders, are volunteers. The record forms are collected by the BTO RRs, checked and forwarded to BTO for further checking and analysis

By 1998 just over 2,000 squares were covered nation-wide and the aim is 3,000!

The main objective of the survey is to follow year to year changes for as many species as possible and to publish the results. The results together with other BTO surveys are used to monitor changes and to sound alerts when a species is found to be declining. The BBS gives a much wider picture of more specise of birds than the long-running Common Birds Census

In Worcestershire we now have 51 1x1 km squares to cover and I am very grateful to all those who carry out the fieldwork. The table shows the squares and current recorders and the years in which surveys were made. The serial number represents the order in which the randomly selcted squares appears! Some squares have been difficult to cover.

I expect the BTO will send me more new squares for 1998 and I have a few vacancies so if anyone who like to have a go at this important survey please contact me. Tel 01386 710377, email zen130501@zen.co.uk.....I need you!

In the table: n= not surveyed. y=survey complete. y= one visit only. - = not included in a particular year, as you can see more are added each year!

Serial no. 10x10km sq 1x1 km sq Current surveyor 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998
1 SO93 SO9837 GR Martin n y y y y
2 SO86 SO9861 A Shepherd y y y y y
3 SO96 SO9467 L Brown y y y y y
4 SO85 SO8152 M Stephens y y y y y
5 SO97 SO9878 J Holder n n n n y
6 SO66 SO6665 S Grunsell y y y y y
7 SO93 SO9735 J Wheeler y y y y y
8 SO93 SO9334 J Wheeler y y y y y
9 SO66 SO6067 J Coates y y y y y
19 SO86 SO8469 P & MHumby y y y y y
11 SO87 SO8470 P & MHumby y y y y y
12 SP04 SP0746 N Cotter y y y y y
13 SO93 SO9630 D Cramp y n y y y
14 SO93 SO9237 MF Williams y y y y y
15 SP04 SP0243 M Hodgson y y y y y
16 SO97 SO9476 B Draper n y y n y
17 SO85 SO8354 J Jones y y y y y
18 SO74 SO7444 J Birkes y y y y y
19 SP04 SP0042 M Hodgson y y y y y
20 SO77 SO7475 M Taylor y y y y y
21 SO84 SO8745 J Hodson y y y y y
22 SO86 SO8462 P Gane y y y y y
23 SO77 SO7374 M Taylor y y y y y
24 SO84 SO8642 G Lowe y y y y y
25 SO77 SO7472 D Evans n y y y y
26 SO77 SO7074 RT Roberts y y y y ?
27 SO84 SO8549 M Stephens y y y y y
28 SO66 SO6566 S Grunsell - y n n y
29 SO97 SO9877 J Holder - n n n y
30 SO94 SO9844 F Peplow - y y y y
31 SO86 SO8865 S Micklewright - y y y y
32 SO95 SO9454 G Farmer - y y y y
33 SO94 SO9647 F Peplow - - y y y
34 SO97 SO9971 J Holder - - n n y
35 SO97 SO9278 J Holder - - - n y
36 SO95 SO9057 P Weekes - - y y y
37 SO94 SO9840 J Lennon - - y y y
38 SO84 SO8249 M Mitton - - y y n
39 SO94 SO9848 D Ratcliffe - - - y y
40 SO75 SO7653 I Duncan - - - y y
41 SO66 SO6160 S Micklewright - - - y y
42 SO76 SO7461 S Miles - - - y y
43 SO66 SO6061 S Micklewright - - - y y
44 SP04 SP0347 N Cotter - - - y y
45 SO87 SO8976 J Summers - - - y y
46 SO84 SO8947 K Heron - - - y y
47 SO83 SO8935   - - - - n
48 SO77 SO7674 M Taylor - - - - y
48 SO84 SO8847   - - - - n
50 SO77 SO7778 M Cooper - - - - y
51 SO87 SO8877 M Cooper - - - - y

The results of BBS are published each year in BTO News (sent to all BTO members) and in yearly reports. The last is: Gregory RD, Bashford RI, Beaven LP, Marchant JH, Wilson AM & Baillie SR. 1998. The Breeding Bird Survey 1996-97. (Report number 3) BTO Research Report number 203). British Trust for Ornithology, Thetford. The report is sent free to all those who take part in the survey and is available from BTO for 5 which is expensive for 16 pages and a card cover!

As we go to press the government have announced that, amongst many criteria for measuring the quality of our lives, the numbers of wild birds is to be a parameter for assessing the quality of our environment. This recognition of the importance of BTO surveys give me great pleasure. All surveyors should feel proud...........! And lots more people should join the BTO.

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