Email 7 March 2003.

Dear Harry

"What do buzzards eat?", the answer is "each other!" We had a road casualty down at the village recently and as it was rather knocked about I left it there - to my surprise a few days later I saw another buzzard cleaning up the scraps! On a more serious note, round here (near Berrow) they seem to feed mainly on worms. I have seen groups of two or three in arable fields hopping along or flying short distances but always picking at the ground. They seem to favour certain fields at particular times.

John Coates

Email 10th May 2003.

Hello Harry,
It's been a while but I have just seen another Buzzard eating. The bird flew off when I was 150 yards away, but when I got there it had been eating a racing pigeon. The pigeon had flown into overhead power lines, not an uncommon occurrence. Pretty mundane but possibly another species to your list. I am hoping buzzards will breed on the farm again this year. The sighting was at Pepwell near the Mitre Oak.

Mike Southall

(Keep sending them in! - Ed.)

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