Butterfly Records Arising from Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Publicity and Phone-ins 1999

Compiled by Harry Green

WWT received a lot of records of Orange Tips and some for Brimstones in response to public appeals and Richard Southwell's article in Worcestershire Record No. 6. Hopefully this has helped to make Worcestershire one of the best-covered counties for the Millennium Butterfly Atlas now in preparation.

I has a great time (!) sorting through all the messages and allocating the observations to (I hope) the correct tetrad by referring to 1:25,000 maps and street maps. County coverage was patchy. Why did so many people phone from Malvern and Ledbury? The Malvern Gazette must have given cracking good publicity. and we ended up with very good coverage of the Malvern squares.

I thought readers might be interested to see the result of the public response. The following list is sorted into tetrad order indicated by the four-figure grid reference to SW corner.. All should be prefixed "SO" apart from the "SP" records are at the end of the list - I like the one from Birmingham Airport!

OT stands for Orange Tip, the other abbreviations are self-explanatory. Dates are day/month.

5868Tenbury WellsOT 15/5
6466Highwood EasthamOT 3/5
6632Hallwood Gr DymockBrimstone 23/3, OT 5/4 also Speck Wood, Peacock
6636Little MarcleOT 23/5
7036LedburyOT 3/5
7036LedburyOT, brimstone, holly blue in May
7036LedburyOT, brimstone April/May
7038LedburyOT 3/5
7038LedburyOT 12/5
7038LedburyOT 11/5
7038LedburyOT, brimstone Aprl/May
7040Wellington HeathOT April, brimstoneApril
7058WhitbourneOT May
7242ColwallOT 14/5, brimstone 14/5
7246CradleyOT 15/5
7246CradleyOT 7/5
7246CradleyOT 14/5 also Peacock
7442MalvernSmall Copper 13/5
7444MathonOT May
7448StorridgeOT 19/5
7450Old StorridgeOT 29/4 also small white, peacock, holly blue, spec wood
7452AlfrickOT May
7452Knapp PapermillBrimstone 1/4
7460Hillside MartleyOT May also Holly Blue
7460Hillside MartleyOT 28/4, brimstone 28/4 also Spec Wood, Holly Blue, Peacock
7460Kingswood CommonOT 18/4
7540British Campbrimstone 23/7
7632Egg Tump BromsberrowOT, brimstone, Peacock, Holly Blue April/May
7634BromsberrowOT 14/5, brimstone April, also Small Tort, Peacock
7640MalvernOT 14/5
7642MalvernOT May
7642MalvernOT 14/5
7642Upper ColwallOT, brimstone, holly blue, spec wood in May
7642Malvern WellsOT 30/4
7644MalvernOT 14/5
7644MalvernHolly Blue 13/5
7644MalvernOT 14/5
7644West MalvernOT 25/5, brimstone early 99
7644MalvernOT 28/4
7644MalvernOT May
7644MalvernOT, brimstone May
7644MalvernOT 13/5, brimstone 2/5, holly blue 2/5
7644West MalvernOT, brimstone, holly blue, Comma May
7646MalvernOT 1/5
7646MalvernOT 14/5
7646West MalvernOT 30/4
7646MalvernOT 28/, 3/5
7646West MalvernOT 3/5 also peacock, red admiral
7646West MalvernOT 1/5. 3/5 25/5 also small tort, peacock
7646MalvernOT 2/5
7646West MalvernOT 1/5 also small tort, peacock, holly blue
7646MalvernOT 3/5
7830Pendock Stauntom OT 5-14/5
7834Birtsmorton CommonOT May
7838Castlemorton ComOT 15/5
7838Castlemorton ComOT 15/5
7838Elliotts Fm WellandOT 1/5
7840WellandOT 19/5
7840WellandOT 30/4, also holly blue, peacock
7840Upper WellandOT May
7844MalvernOT, brimstone, meadow brown early May
7844MalvernOT 2/5, 3/5
7846MalvernOT 3/5
7846MalvernOT May
7846MalvernOT May
7846MalvernOT 14/5 also Holly Blue
7846MalvernOT April
7846MalvernOT early May
7846MalvernOT 30/4, 1/5, brimstone 9/4, holly blue8/5. 16/5
7848MalvernOT May
7848MalvernOT 3/5
7848MalvernOT 13/5
8034Longdon MarshOT May
8036Longdon MarshOT May
8040Hook CommonOT, brimstone, peacock April/May
8042Hanley SwanOT 30/4 & 3/5
8050Colletts GreenOT 3/5 also Holly blue 3/5
8050BastonfordOT May
8056Lower BroadheathOT 11/5 also Painted Lady 10/5
8064BoreleyOT May, also small white, large white, small tort
8234Longdon MarshOT May
8236LongdonOT 16/5 also Red Ad, Peacock, Common blue
8236Longdon MarshOT May
8246ClevelodeOT 12/5
8246Callow EndOT May, also Small Tort
8248Callow EndOT 13/5 also Holly Blue
8258WorcesterOT April, brimstone April
8258HallowOT 17/5
8260GrimleyOT 28/5
8438Upton-on-SevernOT 14/5
8440Quay Lane Hanley CastleOT 19/5
8440Upton on-SevernOT May, brimstoneApril, also peacock, small tort, holly blue
8442Cliff WoodOT 11/4
8448KempseyOT early May
8448KempseyOT 14/5, brimstone April
8448KempseyOT, peacock, small tort in May
8450WorcesterOT 1/5. brimstone 1/5
8452WorcesterOT April
8452WorcesterOT May
8454WorcesterOT 29/4, brimstone 27/3, also peacock & holly blue
8460HawfordOT 19/5, brimstone 19/5 also small tort
8460by SevernOT 28/3
8638NauntonOT May
8640BaughtonOT 28/5
8644High GreenOT 3/7
8654RonkswoodOT 3/5
8656Rainbow Hill Worcsbrimstone May, Holly blue 14/5
8656Blackpole WorcsOT 8/5 holly blue 8/5
8846Narrow Wd WadboroughOT 19/5 also Purple hairstreak
8862Droitwich CanalOT 4/5 also Spec Wood
9056TibbertonOT May
9062DroitwichOT 28/4
9244Tiddesley Wd LodgeOT 14/5
9256CrowleOT May
9258Trench WoodOT 3/5
9266WychboldOT 1-3/5
9270TimberhongerOT 1/5
9440Upton-on-SevernOT 13/5
9440Upton-on-SevernOT 1/5 also Red Admiral May
9444Pershore Abbeybrimstone 27/3
9454WorcesterOY 14/5, also brimstone in 1998
9466Stoke PriorOT 1/5
9466Stoke PriorOT 3/5
9482HalesowenOT May
9668BromsgroveOT 20/5
9668Ashton Field BromsgroveOT 28/4-2/5
9670Stony Hill BromsgroveOT 28/4
9670Stony Hill BromsgroveOT 1/5. 2/5
9848ThrockmortonOT April, brimstone April & May also Peacock
9856Moat Fm DormstonOT May, brimstone April
9872Barnt GreenOT May
SP0056InkberrowOT 1/5
SP0266Webheath RedditchOT 2/5
SP0266Webheath RedditchOT 28/4
SP0280Birmingham Weoley CastleOT 9/5
SP0282Birmingham B29OT27/4
SP1682B'Ham AirportOT 7/5

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