This report is a record of my observations of slow worms mainly seen under a piece of corrugated iron sheet (CIS) on a rough patch in my garden

22nd March 2003 slow worm sunning itself
4th April adult slow in green house under sacking.
18th April one adult slow worm under CIS
23rd May three young 5-6 inches long under CIS
30th May two young plus two adults. One adult held the other in its mouth at the back of the head , in I presume a mating posture?
8thJune young slow worms present plus four adults intertwined.
22nd June two adults 12 inches long plus one grass snake all under CIS
29th June very hot day four slow worms under CIS, one very dark coloured and thick but not as long as others.
30th June two slow worms plus youngster 6 to 7 inches long under CIS
6th July four slow worms wrapped together plus the dark one previously seen slightly apart
9th July three slow worms together under CIS. Grass snake disturbed near by.
15th July very hot 32 degrees. No slow worms under CIS
July until early August a number of sightings made
17th August one dead slow worm found on path outside garden 13 inches long
September any number of sightings where made in this month of two or three slow worms under CIS , plus one youngster
18th September slightly over cast 16 to 17 degrees, one slow worm under CIS. This was the last time they where seen.

Slow worms generally not found under the CIS until the sun was on it. They shared the space with a number of mice who built a nest. A ruler was left permanently under the CIS in a spot close to that mainly used in order to get more accurate length. Usually the adults were 12 to 13 inches long, but I did record one at 15 inches. The slow worms were usually a bright bronze brown on the top and a dark brown or black underneath.

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