December 2002

As John Dodge remarks in Worcestershire Record No.13 the county's Algae have received little study. However, the literature is not quite as sparse, as suggested. As BSBI Vice-county Recorder I have collected a bibliography of published references on Worcestershire Botany. This is predominately for vascular plants but on a quick trawl through these I can add the following references to the Algae.

Published references on Worcestershire Algae

Lees, E., Remarks upon some conspicuous aquatic and terrestrial Algae, recently observed in the vicinity of the Malvern Hills. Transactions of the Malvern Naturalists' Field Club, Part II, 1858, pp.23-34

Lees, E., Botany of the Malvern Hills, first edition, 1843, pp.61-62 [second and third editions not checked]

Lees, E., Botrydium granulosum at Henwick, Worcestershire. Phytologist, Vol.I, 1844, p.1019

Transactions of the Worcestershire Naturalists Club, Vol.I, 1847-1896

p.14 Enteromorpha intestinalis

p.64 Batrachospermum sp.

p.85 Botrydium granulosum

p.123 Chroolepus iolithus

p.158 Botrydium granulosum

p.400 Nostoc commune

Transactions of the Worcestershire Naturalists Club, Vol.II, 1897-1899 p.3 Tetraspora explanata

Victoria County History of Worcestershire, Vol. I, 1901. Botany, Algae, by J.E.Bagnall, p.69 [21 taxa mostly a re-list of Lees, E. Botany of the Malvern Hills]

Amphlett, A. & Rea, C., Botany of Worcestershire, 1909, pp.631-638 [c.65 taxa]

West, G.S., Algological Notes, Journal of Botany Vol.49, 1911, pp.82-89 Worcestershire records

West, G.S., Algological Notes, Journal of Botany Vol.50, 1912, pp.329-331 Worcestershire records

Transactions of the Worcestershire Naturalists Club Vol.VIII 1921-1931. Appendix to The Botany of Worcestershire, Algae pp.123-135. [lists 493 taxa - consists largely of Worcestershire records extracted from G.S.West's records published in Journal of Botany Vol.LVIII 1920]

Poulton, Ethel M., The Algae of Hartlebury Common, Proceedings of the Birmingham Natural History and Philosophical Society Vol.XVI, Part IV, 1933, pp.81-87 [c.135 taxa listed for the common, a substantive post-West list.]

Other records

Holmes, N. Survey of River Teme 1979 NCC [several "macros." recorded]

The WWT hold in their site files, from freshwater surveys, many records for the genus Enteromorpha.


I have collated all known records.

The Charophyta have been recorded for the Worcestershire Flora Project (1987-2003).


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