What do Buzzards Eat?

By Harry Green

Following my request for information in Worcestershire Record No 6 I have still only received a few reports of buzzards eating - they do seem to be secretive about it! As mentioned earlier, in view of the great increase in numbers it would be interesting to know about their food resource. If nothing else we are hearing some fascinating observations. I would still like to receive reports - address and email at beginning of this newsletter.

Ann & Tony Seymour write:

Re your article on Buzzards. On 9th June we saw a buzzard flying over the garden dangling a large frog from its feet. Then, on 20th June, a pair flying over the area, again with a frog in the feet of one of them, and they were still doing the same, rolling and diving and carrying the frog, over an hour later. Whether it was the same frog, I don’t know. They have lots of problems being ‘mobbed’ round here by crows, gulls, etc. We seem to have a number of youngsters in the area at present (August), using the trees in the garden and field. Also noted that when the ducklings have been (perhaps only a week old) on the lawn feeding and the buzzards call and fly over the ducklings all disappear into the hedges as if by magic!! If this implies they know they can be on the menu I don’t know. They also do it when the sparrow hawk is about, but he doesn’t give much notice!! Also a friend who is a reliable source of information has seen a buzzard on the ground feeding on a road accident hedgehog.

Also a ‘Mike’ sent me an email, but I am not sure who he is or where he made the following observation!

Hello Harry,
Hope you are well, I had a sighting I thought you might be interested in. A Buzzard flew off before I saw it, and I then found the remains of a mostly eaten Moorhen, presumably the two were connected.

Wendy Johnson told me

Pheasants seen hiding from buzzard...........buzzard seen carrying pheasant into wood!

Lastly, Martin Skirrow noted:

27th April 2000. Buzzard observed with what looked like a fresh rabbit carcase in field about half mile east of the Eastnor monument. After picking at it for a few moments it took it off into the woods on Midsummer Hill. Grid ref SO758377.

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