Courses for Adults on Identification and Recording 2002

Organised by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.


These courses will help you to get to know some of Worcestershire's wildlife and how to record it. Our courses are varied - each is an introduction to a single species or a group of animals or plants. Why not book a place on one or more and come along to enjoy yourself with others with the same kind of enthusiasm?


Prior booking and payment is essential. Numbers are limited, so you are advised to book up as soon as possible. Please use the enclosed booking form.

Enquiries and bookings with payment should be sent to Tessa Carrick, Nuthatch, Lakeside Court, Upton Warren, Bromsgrove B61 7EY (telephone: 01527 873135). Please make cheques payable to Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.

$Microscopes or *stereoscopes will be useful for these courses. Please indicate on the booking form if you are able to bring them.

Further details and instructions for finding meeting places will be sent with the confirmation of booking.

We reserve the right to cancel any course which does not attract sufficient participants.

Also, look out for details of our Practical Training Days (for volunteers on reserves) and Introductory Visits to Reserves. Please phone Andy Harris on 01905 754919 for details.

Details of Courses

Outings to look for mosses and liverworts

A small group of WWT members go out regularly to learn about and record. It's a group for beginners. If you are interested please phone 01527 873135.

Course 1: Getting started on Mosses and Liverworts: a workshop.

* $Saturday 16th March 2002. 10.00.a.m. to about 4.00.p.m. Led by Lorna Fraser and Tessa Carrick.
Based at Lower Smite Farm.
Maximum number: 10. Charge for the day 12-00.

Course 2: Finding and Recording Ancient Trees: a Beginners' Guide.

Saturday 27th April 2002. 10.00.a.m. to the later afternoon. Led by Harry Green, who has been developing this interest but who insists he is not an expert! We know veteran trees are important for themselves, and the wildlife they support. But what is a veteran? The challenge to be presented to those who attend this course is - who are the veterans, where do you find them and how to record them. Starting at Lower Smite Farm, followed by a field visit.
Maximum number 12. Charge for the course: 12-00.

Course 3: Dormice.

(This is a provisional arrangement. Please telephone to confirm details before booking.)

Saturday 25th May 2002. 10.00.a.m to 1.00.p.m. Led by John Hodson. Based at Lower Smite. An introduction to dormice and ways of detecting them and recording their presence.
Maximum number 12. Charge for the course: 6-00.

Course 4: Water Voles.

Saturday 8th June 2002. 10.00.a.m. to about 3.00.p.m. Led by Andy Graham, River Severn Otter Project Officer. Starting at Lower Smite, followed by a field outing. An introduction to methods of detecting and recording the presence of water voles. Maximum number: 12. Charge for Course 12-00.

Course 5: An introduction to pond invertebrates.*

Saturday 22nd June, 2002. 10.a.m. to 3.00.p.m. Led by Tessa Carrick. Based at Lower Smite Farm. A practical introduction to the variety of invertebrates in ponds, using the ponds around Lower Smite. Maximum number 10. Charge for the course: 12.00.

Course 6: Sedges.

Saturday 13th July, 2002. 10.a.m.- 3.p.m. Led by Ann Fells. There will be field visits to two sites with different species. The meeting place will be notified to those who book places. Maximum number: 10. Charge for course: 12.00.

Course 7: Plant Galls.*

Saturday 14th September, 2002. 10.a.m. to 3.p.m. Starting at Lower Smite Farm, followed by a field visit.
Led by John Meiklejohn. This will be an opportunity to learn about some of the curious life histories of gall-causing invertebrates. Maximum number: 10. Charge for course: 12.00.

Course 8: An Introduction to Harvestmen.*

Saturday 28th September, 2002. 10.a.m. to 3.p.m. Led by John Partridge. Based at Lower Smite Farm.
Maximum number 10. Charge for course 12.00.

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