What is the NBN?

By Harry Green

The developing world of biological recording and biodiversity is rapidly producing its own jargon and acronyms. It is difficult enough for those of us who are closely involved with the development of Worcs BRC to keep track, so I guess the occasional reader may be somewhat mesmerised by the flurry of incomprehensible shorthand used by those in the know.

Currently, one of the more important organisations is the NBN - but what is it? The following article may clarify matters for you? It appeared in Biodiversity News No 10 January 2000, a government publication from DETR published by the Biodiversity Secretariat for the UKBG (UK Biodiversity Group - I think!) and we reproduce it with permission.

After reading the article you may well wonder where you and your occasional biological records fit in, and are they of the slightest importance? Well, the NBN project is a pretty amazing conception which places biological records at the very centre of wildlife conservation, even countryside and urban planning. Every accurate record will become even more valuable because it will be used to help further understanding of the natural environment and its conservation And most of the past, present and future records were/will be contributed by amateurs, volunteers, naturalists - and thatís where we all come in. Our work will help direct the way in which our wildlife and its habitat are managed/conserved in a future green and pleasant land! I hope.

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