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WBRC Developments Update

By Geoff Trevis

There is little new information to share following my previous reports in the Worcestershire Record and the notification of setting up a shadow Board for the independent BRC. The Board is now in place with David Hever nominated by English Nature; John Partridge, Harry Green and Bert Reid representing the recording community; myself nominated by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, and Colin Raven acting as company secretary. The only nominee missing is from Worcestershire County Council. The Council is currently represented by Alex Preston (BAP Officer) pending a final decision by appropriate officers.

Colin Raven is filling in as company secretary on a temporary basis until somebody can be found to take on the role for the longer term. We would very much welcome anybody who would like to take on this important, though not too time consuming, role for the BRC as Colin needs to concentrate on his work for the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. If you feel you could help in this way I am sure Colin would be only too pleased to hear from you to discuss what is involved.

As this goes to press we can confirm that WORCESTERSHIRE BIOLOGICAL RECORDS CENTRE is now a private Limited Company Company No. 4416182. It is a company limited by guarantee and not having share capital. An application is being made for it to become a Registered Charity

English Nature, Worcestershire County Council and Worcestershire Wildlife Trust have all continued their financial support meaning that we can afford to appoint a manager to oversee the development phase of the centre. The exact nature of this post will depend on the results of the consultant's report about long term support and funding. The report should be nearing completion by the time you read this and, hopefully, we will be making decisions on the next stage very soon.

In practice, very little will change in the short term. Your records are desperately needed to expand our database and knowledge of the county and we will be continuing arrangements for recording days and workshops to help with this. You will be kept informed of progress via the Worcestershire Record. Above all, in the short term, the mammals atlas is our focus of attention so please keep the mammal records coming.

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