A considerable number of records have been received, partly through publicity in the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust newsletter Worcestershire Wildlife. We need a lot more! Please look again at the maps in the last issue of Worcestershire Record and you will see there are still many gaps in recording, especially since 2000.

Another recording form is enclosed with this issue. Please try to note down those road casualties - rabbits, foxes, badgers etc. And when you are out for walks in the countryside look out for signs - active mole hills are easily see in winter. We know that muntjac probably now occur in most of the county's woods and its easy to see their small footprints in muddy weather. And what does the cat bring in? We'd like to see! If you come across owl or hawk pellets please send them into John Meiklejohn at the office - small rodents can be identified by their teeth!

If you would like to learn more the Mammal Society have produced an excellent guide: How to Find and Identify Mammals by Gillie Sargent & Pat Morris, ISBN 0 906 282 34 9. Their address is 15 Cloisters House, 8 Battersea Park Road, London, SW8 4BG.


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