Notable Coleoptera Photographed in Worcestershire in 1999

By Kevin McGee

Platyrhinus resinosus Col: Anthribidae Notable B Having previously photographed this fungus weevil at the Knapp & Papermill and Feckenham Wylde Moor in 1998 I found my first one in Tiddesley Wood 4.4.99. on a recently cut stump of ash, a wood it is particularly associated with. Another was found in Tiddesley on living ash 8.5.99
Ampedus pomorum Col: Elateridae. Notable B A very attractive click beetle with bright red-brown elytra which make it very noticeable. However, it is one of several extremely similar species and is definitely one for the experts. I photographed a very active beetle amongst the bark of a fallen birch log in Tiddesley Wood 18.4.99. Several shots were taken, none particularly brilliant but fortunately Paul Whitehead was able to determine the species by taking key features from about six different slides. Basically all clicks with red elytra should be taken to an expert for determination - many are extremely rare and endangered.
Phytoecia cylindrica Col: Cerambycidae Notable B Recorded on hogweed foliage in Monkwood 15.5.99, as in 1998. Also found at Drakes Broughton where a pair in-cop were photographed on hogweed in an orchard on 30.4.99. This is one of the first longhorns to appear in Spring - look out for it on hogweed stems, the host plant.
Ischnomera cyanea Col: Oedemeridae Notable B A very handsome dark blue-green beetle often found at flowers of hawthorn and hogweed. This another which has a couple of nearly identical cousins and needs expert determination I have found it to be quite widespread in Worcestershire and have added Grafton Wood, Windmill Hill and Drakes Broughton orchards to my list of localities.
Ctenicera pectinicornis Col: Elateridae notable A A beautiful metallic bronze-tinged click beetle with distinctive 'feathered antennae known to be associated with old lush meadows I photographed this one in Knowles Coppice Meadow alongside the Dowles Brook in the Wyre Forest on 2.5.99. Strictly speaking this is a Shropshire recorded has been sent to the Ludlow Museum, however the meadow is managed by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and is only just across the county boundary of the Dowles Brook!
Grammoptera variegata Col: Cerambycidae Notable A This was one of those occasions when a hunch paid off! There was something about the jizz of this little longhorn beetle which made me take several careful photographs It was one of two on emergent grasses and brambles low down on the side of a path in Monkwood 15.5.99. My hunch was right! It turned out to be G. variegata rather than its very common relative G. ruficornis. I believe this is only the second record lodged with the Worcs. BRC.
Dendroxena quadrimaculata Col Silphidae Notable B This striking carrion beetle was again found in Monkwood (as in 1998) on 15.5.99 on hogweed foliage. Monkwood remains the only place where I have recorded it.
Platystomus albinus Col: Anthribidae Notable B The log pile in Monkwood is a great place to search for this beautiful cryptically marked weevil - photographed 15.5.99.
Pyrochroa coccinea Col: Pyrochroidae Notable B This is one of the rarer cardinal beetles. It has a black head whereas the commoner P. serraticornis has a red head I photographer one of several found in Monkwood 23.5.99. The Knapp & Papermill is the only other place where I have found it.
Anagylyptus mysticus Col: Cerambycidae. Notable B I have found this distinctive and widespread longhorn to be quite widespread in Worcestershire. However I photographer a female on a birch trunk in Tiddesley Wood on 25.5.99 which lacked the usual reddish markings on the elytra. Paul Whitehead confirmed it to be one of the extremely few records of the form 'albofasciatus'. I found the usual type on hogweed flowers in Drakes Broughton on 6.6.99 - a new site record.
Cryptocephalus aureolus Col: Chrysomelidae NOTABLE B A strongly metallic-green leaf beetle which like to sit inside the flowers of yellow Compositae, particularly hawkweeds. I photographed on a buttercup flower on the disused railway line near the Broadway Gravel Pit Reserve on 27.5.99. As many as 30 were noted an photographed at the Windmill Hill recorders meeting on 29.5.99 All were sitting on buttercup or hawkweed flowers and many were in-cop.
Molorchus umbellatarum Col: Cerambycidae Notable A A very distinctive small longhorn which is probably overlooked. It is known to be associated with fruit trees so it is not surprising that Tiddesley Wood and the surrounding area holds a small population. The hogweed flower by the track into Tiddesley Wood from the car park are good places to look and I found one on hogweed by the Bow Brook on the W side of Tiddesley on 18.6.99 Also one on hogweed at Mill Meadow, Drakes Broughton, possible a first site record 3.7.99. [see also Don Goddard's article on uncommon beetles]
Platys minutia Col: Lycidae Notable B This is a rather pretty net-winged beetle having bright red elytra and fairly long antennae There is a curious net-like texture to the surface of the elytra. A woodland species of late summer, I couldn't miss mine photographed on nettles in Tiddesley Wood 15..8.99 and found at another place in Tiddesley 22.8.99.
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