Worcestershire Mammal Atlas Update

By Shaun Micklewright. County Mammal Recorder.

A big thank you to all recorders who have sent in their mammal records. To date we have received well over 200 records which have been added to the county database.

Top of the list for most recorded mammal is the Mole closely followed by Rabbit and Grey Squirrel. Badger has been recorded twice as often as Fox, and there have been a good number of records of Hedgehog and Rabbit. It is encouraging to see a few records for Water Vole and Polecat. Muntjac tops the deer sightings with a few records for Fallow and Roe. As expected mice and vole records have been fewer (keep a closer eye on those cats!).

It is possible that in the next issue of the Record we may be able to publish some up-dated distribution maps so I would urge all recorders to send in their records as soon as they can - by March 2002.

Some Owl pellet analysis has been undertaken by Roger Pannel and an excellent crop of mice and vole records have been produced. This is one area of recording where we could expand, so if anyone does have access to any owl pellets they would be most welcome (I can collect or drop them into the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust office at Lower Smite Farm clearly labelled for attention of the BRC and John Partridge/Shaun Micklewright).

Please keep filling in the forms - one is enclosed with this Worcestershire Record. We should like as many recorders as possible so please join in and try to record all those road casualties! More information on how to record is on the form.

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