Wyre Forest Study Group

By Rosemary Winnall

2001 has been a busy year in Wyre. We have had some stimulating meetings during which we have continued to record and have increased our expertise by learning from each other. We have encouraged local experts to visit too and have subsequently received records of more lichens from Joy Ricketts, bryophytes from Mark Lawley and Lorna Fraser, freshwater invertebrates from Will Watson, stoneworts from Bert Reid, terrestrial invertebrates from Kevin McGee, John Meiklejohn, Paul Whitehead, Mike Bloxham and Malcolm Smart, water beetles from Harry Green, fungi from Neville Wilde and spiders by John Partridge.

Long-term fieldwork continued this year with projects on Adders by Sylvia Sheldon, Dormice by Phil Rudlin, butterflies by Frank Lancaster and Phil Rudlin, Narrow-leaved Helleborine by Rosemary Winnall, Fallow Deer by Chris Bradley, and Breeding Bird Surveys were undertaken by Jim Martin and Rosemary Winnall.

Monthly moth trapping continued at Lodgehill Farm in conjunction with Butterfly Conservation, and at Knowles Mill and Willow Bank during the Foot and Mouth closure. Two excellent moth training days were held at the Discovery Centre with Butterfly Conservation: Pyralid moths with Dr. Tony Simpson and leaf miners with Dr. Michel Harper. The group joined with the Border Bryologists in November and had a most enjoyable and interesting day recording near Dowles.

John and Denise Bingham organised several meetings for us, including the mapping of two of the ancient boundary ditches that run across the forest. GPS units proved invaluable!

Dave Barnett is getting to grips with Recorder 2000 and is inputting records for us, as well as starting to look at caddis flies and crane flies.

David Harris is fast completing his excellent and painstaking editing of our second annual publication. Articles on Wyre are welcomed, as are records of this special woodland.

Email: rosemary@wyreforest.net

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