Justin Smith

In the grounds of the old Aymestry School, near Broadheath, is a patch of what I believe to be semi-improved/unimproved neutral grassland, unimpressive botanically if it wasn't for the rich biota of fungi recorded in an area no bigger than 150 x 50m.

In approximately 5 years of recent study of the site (usually only one day in October per year, as I do not live in Worcester), I have recorded 60+ species of Agarics (mushrooms and toadstools) plus numerous coral fungi and gasteromycetes. Of particular interest are 15 species of 'waxcap', including Hygrocybe calyptriformis, H. puniceus, H. citrinovirens and H. intermedia, all regarded as nationall rare (according to the 1991 RDB fungi list). Hygrocybe calyptriformis (the Pink Meadow Cap) has a schedule 8 BAP listing.

It would be interesting to find out who now owns this site (the school closed, I believe, a few years ago) and whether the site is/will be managed sympathetically.

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