By Harry Green

We need your contributions!

Hopefully subscribers and readers will find something of interest in this issue. If you would like to modify the mix of articles please write something we can publish! Anything connected with biological records and recording will be welcome. I expect to produce the next issue in November so please send your contribution by early September at the latest, if possible.

Ideally please send your article on disc or via email in Microsoft Word 6 (or earlier) or Word Perfect 5.1. If you use another word processor please send as a text or text rich file. Always send a good print-out with your disc. Providing the system works email give me least work.

It is best if you indicate the ideal position of tables, drawings, graphics maps etc in the text but send them on separate sheets of paper or at the end of the article. This avoids formatting difficulties when converting to two columns etc, and I can more easily scan and size the graphics for insertion as necessary.

If you do not have access to a PC or the correct software please send a clear typescript preferably in biggish typeface of around 12 point for easy scanning and OCR - smaller type size and less than good photocopies increase the OCR error rate!

I can cope with clear hand writing though it obviously takes longer as I have to key it in, but do not let this prevent you sending hand-written articles. I can probably bend a helpful arm if necessary.

Illustrations: The Worcestershire Record is produced on the Wildlife Trust's photocopier which usually copes well with line drawings but less well with photographs. If you send photos then prints are best as my equipment is less good at scanning transparencies. Pictures need to be simple and clear for the photocopying system to give reasonable results.

Send your articles to: Harry Green,
Windy Ridge,
Pershore Rd.,
Little Comberton,
WR10 3EW.

Or send them via email to Harry Green

Or you may send them, marked for Harry Green's attention, to the Worcestershire Biological Records Centre

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