Border Bryologists 2001-2002

By Mark Lawley

Our meetings are to help beginners learn their mosses and liverworts, rather than high-powered recording sessions. Please bring sandwiches to all outdoor meetings, which are on Sundays, starting at 10.30 am. We shall also have an indoor meeting at Ludlow Museum to help with microscopic procedures and identification.

You are very welcome to suggest venues for future outdoor meetings; please include Grid References and details for parking.

OCTOBER 14th Featherknowl, 3 miles south of Ludlow, Grid Reference SO 514702. Half a mile north of the railway bridge near Woofferton and a quarter of a mile south of the turning for Ashford Bowdler, turn west off the A49 up a farm track. This unsigned turning is a few yards north of two black and white posts on the verge. About 100 yards up the track turn right into the garden at Featherknowl. We will compile a list of species from the garden and orchard, and spend some time in the house identifying our gatherings, so please bring your microscopes, dissecting equipment, and books. If you have a spare socket-bank, that would also be very useful. Tea and coffee will be available, but bring your own sandwiches.
NOVEMBER 11th Wyre Forest, between Cleobury Mortimer and Bewdley. Meet at the Forestry Commission Visitor Centre (SO 752740) on the A456. From there we will drive north into the forest to explore interesting sites.
THURSDAY JANUARY 10th 10.30 am. Indoor meeting at Ludlow Museum (SO 513746), for a day at the microscopes. This meeting is to help you sort out your bryological problems - plants you've failed to identify, techniques you haven't mastered, keys you can't understand, etc. Therefore there is no arranged programme for the day; instead we will concentrate on what participants want to do. Bring your own troublesome bryophytes, along with books, microscopes and ancillary equipment. There is a maximum of 8 for this meeting, so you must book to come by contacting Mark Lawley (see below). We have a second date in reserve if more than 8 people want to attend. Car park off the road in front of the museum, which is near the top of Old Street. Approaching from the north, go up Corve Street (Feathers Hotel on left near top of street), then straight on past the traffic lights and road-junction. The museum is on the left, 50 yards down the hill. Approaching from the south, cross Ludford Bridge (Charlton Arms on left), then follow the road round to the right, then round to the left, go up the hill, and the museum is on the right 50 yards before the top of the hill. Pub lunch, so don't bring sandwiches.
FEBRUARY 3rd Coppet Hill, near Ross-on-Wye, for a mixture of woodland, limestone quarries, sandstone outcrops, and acidic heath managed by the Coppet Hill Trust. Meet in the car park at Goodrich Castle (SO 576196).
MARCH 3rd Hanter Hill, east Radnorshire, for Pre-Cambrian exposures and base-rich flushes. Park by the entrance to a track at SO 250583.
APRIL 7th Rhos Fiddle, Clun Forest. Meet at the roadside at SO 208856. This wet upland heath has recently become a Shropshire Wildlife Trust reserve. (Rearranged from last year's programme.)
MAY 12th Darnford and Catbatch, Long Mynd. Meet by the cattle grid at SO 426976. The sheep-walks of Darnford Valley have an attractive mosaic of rocky outcrops and wet and dry soils, and the flushes in Catbatch look very promising. (Rearranged from last year's programme.)

For futher details contact Mark Lawley

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