Clouded Yellow,
Colias croceus f. 'helice' at Mill Meadow

It's been a good summer for the Clouded Yellow butterfly in Drakes Broughton. I first saw one at the Mill Meadow reserve on 19.8.00. This was the normal variety, Colias croceus, and, true to form, it belted round at great speed refusing to land and have its portrait taken, though I did manage a couple of photos of the butterfly nectaring at Devil's-bit Scabious.

On 3.9.00, there were two at Mill Meadow, a normal one and the very pale form of female which is almost white:
Colias croceus f. 'helice' .
This is the first I've ever seen in this country, (I have encountered it in Italy), and I was lucky to find one so obliging about being photographed as she nectared at Fleabane.

Further normal specimens were present as singles at the meadow on 10.9.00 and in our garden in Drakes Broughton from 10.9.00 to 16.9.00, feeding at Michaelmas Daisy.

I would be interested to know if any other specimens of the pale variety have been recorded this year in Worcestershire?

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