Are you interested in learning more about mosses and liverworts?

THE BORDER BRYOLOGISTS have invited interested members of Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and Worcestershire BRC Supporters to join them on their outings. The Border

Bryologists' meetings are led by Mark Lawley and aim to help beginners learn their mosses and liverworts, rather than high-powered recording sessions.Continues next page BORDER BRYOLOGISTS' MEETINGS

Also see Mark Lawley's article which follows

Outdoor meetings are on Sundays, starting at 10.30.a.m. You will need to bring sandwiches. If you are interested in attending any of the meetings, please telephone Tessa Carrick (01527 873135) to confirm arrangements.

Thursday 13th January 2000 Indoor Meeting at Ludlow Museum, starting at 10.30.a.m. SO 513746. Car park off the road, in front of the Museum, which is near the top of Old Street. Approaching from the north, go up Corve Street (Feather Hotel is on left at top of street), then straight on past traffic light and road-junction. The Museum is on left, 50 yards down the hill. Approaching from the south, cross Ludford Bridge (Charlton Arms on left), then follow the road round to the right, then round to the left, go up the hill, and the museum is on the right 50 yards before the top of the hill. Bring your books, microscopes, and equipment, if possible, and any mosses and liverworts which have been giving you grief. Pub lunch, so don't bring sandwiches. There is a maximum of 8 for this meeting, so you must book to come.
Sunday February 20th 2000 North end of Wenlock Edge, 1 mile south of Much Wenlock. Park in Wenlock Edge Car Park at SO 614997 on the Church Stretton (B4371). Wenlock Edge is limestone so there will be some calcicoles.
Sunday March 19th 2000 Maelinydd Common, Llanbister, Radnorshire. Meet at the junction at the minor road between Llangunllo and Llanbister (SO 136713). Radnorshire's wet commons have plenty of bryological interest.
Sunday April 9th 2000 A Tudor mansion at Chandos in South-East Herefordshire. Park off the lane at Jean Wynne-Jones' white house (SO 641350) in Rushall, near Much Marcle, Ledbury. Examination of old calcareous walls.
Sunday May 14th 2000 Holywell Dingle, A Herefordshire NT Reserve, 4 miles south of Kington. Park on the layby on the A4111 at SO 308509. The woodland and stream overlie Old Red Sandstone and should offer many species.
Sunday June 4th 2000 Catherton Common, Cleeton St Mary, Shropshire. Meet at the side of the lane mile west of Cleeton St Mary (SO 607787) to explore the sheepwalks and flushes. In the afternoon the group will move on to Cramer Gutter.
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