The Wyre Forest Study Group

By Rosemary Winnall

This group was originally formed as a contact point for active wildlife recorders in the Forest. Wyre is an important ecological site which straddles the county boundary between Worcestershire and Shropshire and it was felt that records should be centralised as well as going to the both county recording centres. The group is now setting up Recorder and seeking funding for an office base whilst maintaining contact with the county biological recording centres.

The groupís first publication REPORT 2000 is due out by the end of the year, and this annual publication will encourage, it is hoped, increased recording and record keeping from within and outside the group. If you have any records from this area and would allow us to input them onto our database after discussion about confidentiality, please make contact.

The Wyre Forest Study Group welcomes active recorders who wish to add to the Wyre database and to share their expertise. The group meets regularly to discuss findings, encourage record taking and to share knowledge.

For more information contact Rosemary Winnall:

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