Worcestershire Longhorn Beetles (Cerambycidae): An Update.

By Kevin McGee

Readers of previous newsletter will know that I have been concentrating on longhorns since 1997. During 1999 I have added a further three species to my personal list, bringing my Worcestershire total to 26 species. I have detailed the best addition above: Grammoptera variegate at Monkwood. 15.5.99.

I was delighted to have at last found Rhagium bifasciatum at Monkwood: one on a picnic table (!) 23.5.99 and another on a gatepost 1.6.99

At Tiddesley on 18.7.99I saw a fine example of Phymatodes testaceus on ash leaves. Unfortunately I was unable to photograph it before it became agitated and flew high into the tree tops. This species is variable in colouration: mine had an orange head and pronotum with blue-black elytra, somewhat similar to a powerful-looking soldier beetle.

Many thanks to Paul Whitehead for his expertise and help.

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