Two Rare Fungi

By John Meiklejohn

Ganoderma resinaceum. A very fine specimen (Figure 1) of this rare fungus was growing on the bole of an ancient Turkey Oak, Quercus cerris, in cultivated parkland at Bushley Green in South Worcestershire on 31st July 2001. With its bright yellow, inflated margin contrasting markedly with the red-brown upper surface and white pore surface, the young fruiting bodies were strikingly more attractive than its other Ganoderma relatives.

Figure 1. Ganoderma resinaceum Photo J W Meiklejohn

Gyroporus cyanescens. On the WBRC's recording day at the Devil's Spittleful on 1st September 2001 I was handed a rather battered specimen of this fungus. It is one of the large group which used to be called Boletus but has since been split into a number of different genera. The striking sudden colour change of the flesh from whitish to intense blue on exposure to the air was obvious. The habitat description in the literature - on acid soil on heathland with scrub, especially Birch -an apt description of Devil's Spittleful!

Figure 2. Gyroporus cyanescens. Photo J W Meiklejohn

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