Whilst driving to Hereford via Bromyard (at Burley Gate) today I witnessed a buzzard hovering just like a kestrel, had to do a double take.  There was a stiff south-westerly breeze which presumably enabled it to stay in position.  I guess it had spotted a small mammal on the road verge.  By chance I mentioned this to Neville Hart of the Herefordshire Nature Trust and he told me he had witnessed the same thing (hovering buzzards) on the Black Mountains - so I wasn't imagining things!

Will Watson 

While driving back from Stourport Lorna and I saw a Buzzard carrying a mouse in its right foot.  Thought you might be interested.

Tessa Carrick 

I may have something to add to what do Buzzards eat - although the account is from Herefordshire!  On our great crested newt training at Tupsley Quarry in Hereford in March of this year I led the group along paths forged through hawthorn scrub and bramble down to the ponds in the old former brick quarry.  As I approached the first pond I disturbed two buzzards.  It was right at the peak of the frog spawning season.  Hundreds of frogs were present in this shallow pond measuring 25x15 metres.  I can only assume that the buzzards were taking advantage of this bounty.  What was also surprising is that the old quarry (now a local nature reserve) is well within the urban conurbation.

Will Watson 

I was chatting to Tony Hamblin about hedgehogs.  He said that he photographed buzzards at a nest in Wales where he looked down on the nest.  The rim of the nest looked like a spiny mass of sweet chestnuts made up of hedgehog skin collected a road casualty corpses!  There are obviously still far more hedgehogs on roads in parts of Wales than there are currently present in Worcestershire.

Harry Green

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