John Partridge

A copy of the WBRC database at home does tend to produce some ‘what have we got’ thoughts, and some recent collecting and subsequent identification problems led me to look more closely at our carabid records, so that I could see what we had got, and check that I wasn’t producing records of highly unlikely species. That led me to compare the species with just a few records with the national Provisional Atlas published in 1998.

This comparison produced a list of ‘possibly dubious’ records - although none of them looked impossible - which I showed to John Meiklejohn, who immediately started to check who had produced them, and what could be checked further. Thankfully, this showed very few problems, apart from one glaring error - at least it glared to John - which must have happened when I was inputting the records from cards back in 1998.

The list (Table 1) and maps (Figs 1 &2) show the carabid records we have, together with the number of records of each species, which gives some idea of the species probability. This has been checked as far as we are able. It may well be that there are other local recorders who have carabid records that could support some of the singleton occurrences, or would just fill in some of the gaps on the map - if so we would be pleased if they would consider letting us have them.

There must be a number of people out there like me who have dabbled with carabids, as they are supposed to be one of the easier beetle groups. I wonder if there would be any mileage in having a ‘carabid workshop’ at some time in the future, perhaps when the educational facility at Smite is up and running, either just ourselves comparing specimens, or bringing in an ‘expert’ for the day - if this would interest you please let me know.


Later note: It was pointed out by Kevin McGee that the records for Cicindela sylvatica were highly dubious, as this is very much a southern species of limited distribution. I did not investigate this earlier as there appeared to be 5 records. Further research shows that these originated from one record, by Fred Fincher, in Cleeve Prior, in 1949. It will need some further work in searching Fred's notebooks to check this further, although, as John Meiklejohn points out, the species is very distinctive. It just shows the problems of verifying historical records.


LUFF, M.L. 1998. Provisional atlas of the ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of Britain. Huntingdon: Biological Records Centre.

Carabid Records November 2003  
Species Number of records
Abax parallelepipedus 78
Acupalpus brunnipes 1
Acupalpus consputus 5
Acupalpus dorsalis 3
Acupalpus dubius 1
Acupalpus exiguus 1
Acupalpus meridianus 5
Agonoderus comma 1
Agonum albipes 32
Agonum assimile 54
Agonum dorsale 27
Agonum fuliginosum 16
Agonum gracile 4
Agonum marginatum 6
Agonum micans 3
Agonum moestum 7
Agonum muelleri 13
Agonum nigrum 1
Agonum obscurum 37
Agonum scitulum 7
Agonum thoreyi 12
Agonum versutum 1
Agonum viduum 8
Amara aenea 43
Amara apricaria 2
Amara aulica 7
Amara communis 2
Amara convexior 1
Amara convexiuscula 4
Amara eurynota 3
Amara familiaris 15
Amara fulva 4
Amara lunicollis 8
Amara montivaga 1
Amara ovata 1
Amara plebeja 32
Amara praetermissa 1
Amara similata 6
Amara tibialis 5
Asaphidion curtum 1
Asaphidion flavipes 8
Badister bipustulatus 20
Badister sodalis 1
Badister unipustulatus 7
Bembidion aeneum 17
Bembidion andreae 1
Bembidion articulatum 10
Bembidion assimile 2
Bembidion atrocoeruleum 3
Bembidion biguttatum 24
Bembidion clarki 4
Bembidion decorum 1
Bembidion dentellum 16
Bembidion femoratum 2
Bembidion fumigatum 1
Bembidion genei 6
Bembidion gilvipes 4
Bembidion guttula 31
Bembidion harpaloides 27
Bembidion lampros 28
Bembidion litorale 2
Bembidion lunatum 4
Bembidion lunulatum 38
Bembidion mannerheimi 11
Bembidion minimum 1
Bembidion nitidulum 5
Bembidion obtusum 15
Bembidion properans 6
Bembidion punctulatum 2
Bembidion quadrimaculatum 21
Bembidion quinquestriatum 2
Bembidion saxatile 1
Bembidion semipunctatum 4
Bembidion tetracolum 15
Bembidion tibiale 2
Bembidion varium 3
Brachinus crepitans 5
Bradycellus harpalinus 2
Bradycellus ruficollis 2
Bradycellus sharpi 5
Bradycellus verbasci 3
Calathus cinctus 1
Calathus erratus 3
Calathus fuscipes 20
Calathus melanocephalus agg. 8
Calathus piceus 10
Carabus arvensis 1
Carabus granulatus 16
Carabus monilis 5
Carabus nemoralis 21
Carabus problematicus 14
Carabus violaceus 38
Chlaenius nigricornis 1
Chlaenius vestitus 7
Cicindela campestris 6
Cicindela sylvatica 5
Clivina fossor 13
Cychrus caraboides 29
Demetrias atricapillus 38
Dromius agilis 7
Dromius linearis 42
Dromius melanocephalus 15
Dromius meridionalis 6
Dromius quadrimaculatus 21
Dromius quadrinotatus 16
Elaphrus cupreus 10
Elaphrus riparius 18
Harpalus affinis 20
Harpalus ardosiacus 1
Harpalus azureus 2
Harpalus latus 2
Harpalus rubripes 3
Harpalus rufibarbis 8
Harpalus rufipes 25
Laemostenus complanatus 1
Laemostenus terricola 4
Leistus ferrugineus 28
Leistus fulvibarbis 26
Leistus rufescens 2
Leistus rufomarginatus 15
Leistus spinibarbis 25
Loricera pilicornis 51
Metabletus foveatus 4
Metabletus obscuroguttatus 24
Metabletus truncatellus 1
Microlestes maurus 7
Nebria brevicollis 68
Notiophilus biguttatus 44
Notiophilus palustris 6
Notiophilus quadripunctatus 1
Notiophilus rufipes 12
Notiophilus substriatus 11
Oodes helopioides 1
Panagaeus bipustulatus 1
Patrobus atrorufus 6
Platyderus ruficollis 1
Pterostichus anthracinus 4
Pterostichus cupreus 75
Pterostichus diligens 9
Pterostichus macer 4
Pterostichus madidus 115
Pterostichus melanarius 35
Pterostichus minor 3
Pterostichus niger 13
Pterostichus nigrita 28
Pterostichus strenuus 35
Pterostichus vernalis 28
Pterostichus versicolor 2
Stenolophus mixtus 11
Stomis pumicatus 10
Trechus obtusus 9
Trechus quadristriatus 8
Trechus rubens 2
Trechus secalis 2
Trichocellus cognatus 1


Map showing the number of Species recorded in each 1 km x 1 km square. 
The boundary shown is the Worcestershire Vice-County
Map showing the number of Species recorded in each 2 km x 2 km square. 
The boundary shown is the Worcestershire Vice-County

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