Worcestershire Record No. 6 April 1999 p. 19


Harry Green

The BTO National Nightingale Census is in full swing this year. BTO provided me with a list of known sites based on previous censuses and 1998 records - the totals and distribution of these was reported in the last Worcestershire Record (Green 1998). Hopefully dedicated observers are checking them out! However, we do need records of ANY nightingales in the county so that the survey can be reasonably complete. As Worcestershire has always been on the extreme NW edge of European nightingale distribution, and in view of the national decline over the last 50 years, this area is of particular interest in trying to understand the cause of decline.

So far 1999 is proving to be an interesting year. Nightingales arrived early with records in southern England at the beginning of April. At the time of writing (Mid May) I have heard of many records in Worcestershire. John Hodson has located at least 12 around Croome; there are several on the Gloucestershire border near Aston Somerville; two at Upton-on-Severn; they are back in Langdale Wood; and there are several other records. However, the most surprising records so far are from Burlish Top, Kidderminster, at Hillside near Martley, and at Broadwas on Teme. I have not heard of records so far to the west for many years

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