Worcestershire Record No. 6 April 1999 p. 18


Mark E Turner

I have been recording birds at Broadway Gravel Pit Nature Reserve since 1988 with a handful of records from 1987. Up to 31st January 1999 I have 1393 observations logged comprising 90 species. Long term recording on a single site such as this reveals patterns of migration and changes in population.

Come Spring, the arrival on site of certain species is so predictable that they can be expected during a particular week of the month.

Members of the warbler family are a good example and they always appear in a particular order. The order runs:

CHIFFCHAFF2nd/3rd week of March
BLACKCAP1st/2nd or 3rd week of April with occasional March records.
WILLOW WARBLER2nd or 3rd week of April
GARDEN WARBLER1st/2nd or 3rd week of May, occasional April records.
WHITETHROAT2nd/3rd week of May, occasional April records.
LESSER WHITETHROAT2nd week of May, though some years may be absent altogether.
SPOTTED FLYCATCHER2nd/3rd week of May, annual occurrences can be sporadic.
TURTLE DOVE2nd/3rd week of May, has arrived on 19th May for three years and 21st/22nd May of four years.
COOTSreturn to set up territory 2nd/3rd week of January.
Quite often my figures reflect national trends; it's a fascinating subject to follow.

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