Maps of Orthoptera Distribution from Worcestershire BRC Records

The maps have been updated to include 2000 records received at WBRC as at 28/9/2000.
Comments on national distribution from Haes & Harding 1997.
The red dots indicate pre-1995 records. A hashed square indicates a record from that square without a more precise location (all those indicated here are from Wyre Forest).

Acheta domestica House Cricket. Not native. National distribution scattered throughout England acdom
Chorthippus albomarginatus Lesser Marsh Grasshopper. National distribution SE England roughly bounded by Severn-Wash line. Considerable range expansion in last 25-30 years. chalb
Chorthippus brunneus Field Grasshopper. National distribution widespread throughout Britain and Ireland. chbru
Chorthippus parallelus Meadow Grasshopper. National distribution throught Britain (not Ireland). chpar
Conocephalus dorsalis Short-winged Conehead. National distribution coastal and inland wetland areas in S half England and Wales. In Gloucestershire just S of Worcestershire. codor
Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa Mole Cricket. Native and once widely distributed mainly on moist soils. Severe decline but very secretive and records near Pershore not repeated recently. grgry
Leptophyes punctatissima Speckled Bush-cricket. National distribution coastal Wales and S England. Just includes Worcestershire. Fincher (1953) did not report it from Worcestershire. lepun
Meconema thalassinum Oak Bush-cricket. National distribution Widespread in mature deciduous woodland in S Britain . Just includes Worcestershire. metha
Myrmeleotettix maculatus Mottled Grasshopper. A tiny grasshopper with scattered national distribution throughout Britain, apparently scarcer inland but probably under-recorded. mymac
Nemobius sylvestris Wood Cricket. National distribution very restricted to New Forest and part of Devon. Old Worcestershire records not substantiated (Fincher 1953). nesyl
Omocestus viridulus Common Green Grasshopper. Nationally our most widespread orthopteran. omvir
Pholidoptera griseoaptera Dark bush-cricket. Nationally common in S half of England including Worcestershire. phgri
Tetrix subulata Slender Ground-hopper. Widely distributed in S and central England just including Worcestershire. tesub
Tetrix undulata Common Ground-hopper. Widely distributed throughout Britain and Ireland. teund
Tettigonia viridissima Great Green Bush-cricket. Nationally distributed in S half on England especially coastal, and S coast Wales - only one 10 km square in Worcestershire. tevir


HAES ECM & HARDING PT 1997 Atlas of grasshoppers, crickets and allied insects in Britain and Ireland. HM Stationery Office.
FINCHER F 1953 Some notes on Orthoptera and Dermaptera in the West Midlands. Ent. Record 65:151-154
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