Worcestershire's Ancient Tree Project

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Current records

There are currently over 3000 records on Worcestershire's Register of Ancient Trees, which is thanks mainly to the great deal of volunteer recording effort that has taken place over the course of the project.

Not all of the records on the Register are of truly ancient trees, some are simply fully mature and 'interesting' from a wildlife or landscape context whilst not yet having reached a great age.

To view the online map please click on the map opposite.

Please remember that many of these trees are on private land and have been visited and surveyed with the permission of the landowner. Appearing on our database does not mean that the tree is publicly accessible - please respect this.

Worcestershire Biological Records Centre

Lower Smite Farm, Hindlip, Worcestershire, WR3 8SZ
Email: records@wbrc.org.uk
Last updated January 2017

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