Worcestershire Record 28 (April 2010)

Worcestershire Recorders & Worcestershire Biological Records Centre

2Preparing an article for Worcestershire Record
3Editor’s notes. Harry Green
3Worcestershire Record on the web
3Annual subscriptions 2010
3Field Recording Days 2010
3Worcestershire Entomology Day 2010
4Annual Report from Worcestershire Recorders Committee March 2010. Geoff Trevis
4Worcestershire Biological Records Centre Annual Report 2009-2010. Simon Wood
5Worcestershire Recorders Accounts for year ending 31st December 2009.
5 The Read Report – Combating Climate Change – A role for UK Forestry. Note by John Partridge
6-8The Worcestershire Mammal Atlas. Harry Green
9A good year for Garden Chafers Phyllopertha horticola. Mike Averill
10-11The New UK Dragonfly Atlas – Progress in Worcestershire. Mike Averill
12-13Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Boloris selene – some observations on roosting habits on Juncus in Wyre Forest. John Robinson
14Lily Leaf Beetle Lillioceris lillii in Great Malvern. Keith Barnett
15An overlooked Worcestershire insect, the Snow Flea Boreus hyemalis (L. 1767). Paul F Whitehead
16Birds in Worcestershire November 2009 to April 2010. Gavin Peplow
16-17An explosion of Continental Bullfinches Pyrrhula pyrrhula L 1758. Paul F Whitehead
17 Homicidal Fieldfare. Arthur Cundall
17 Buzzard News. Harry Green
18-23Notes on birds of the Severn and Avon Vales, Gloucestershire and South Worcestershire October to December 2009. Mike Smart
24-26A history of recording mosses and liverworts in Worcestershire. Tessa Carrick
26-29Some Worcestershire locations with interesting mosses and liverworts. Tessa Carrick
30-32Vascular plant records for 2008. Bert Reid
32-35Vascular plant records for 2009. Bert Reid

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