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Worcestershire Record

Journal of wildlife biology, recording & conservation in Worcestershire, England, UK

All biological articles are now published on this web site (complete number 29 onward), varying periods after the bi-annual paper editions. Newsletter articles are found only in the printed edition.

Editor: Harry Green zen130501@zen.co.uk

Papers/articles/records/lists/notes/observations/pictures - simple or advanced - are welcomed by the editor.

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Worcestershire Record is the newsletter and biological journal of Worcestershire Biological Records Centre and Worcestershire Recorders but the contents is almost entirely articles on wildlife biology, conservation and recording of species in Worcestershire. In paper it is published twice a year comprising numerous articles in bound paper of A4 format with many colour pictures. To subscribe to Worcestershire Recorders (biological) and receive Worcestershire Record (biological) as soon as it is published contact editor Harry Green zen130501@zen.co.uk

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Worcestershire Record    1 - 15  (1996 - November 2003)
Worcestershire Record  16 - 25  (April 2004 - November 2008)
Worcestershire Record  26 - 27  (April 2009 - November 2009)
Worcestershire Record  28  (April 2010)
Worcestershire Record  29  (November 2010)
Worcestershire Record  30  (April 2011)
Worcestershire Record  31  (November 2011)
Worcestershire Record  32  (April 2012)
Worcestershire Record  33  (November 2012)
Worcestershire Record  34  (April 2013)
Worcestershire Record  35  (November 2013)
Worcestershire Record  36  (April 2014)
Worcestershire Record  37  (November 2014)
Articles by subject - up to Worcestershire Record 25 (November 2008)

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Contributions to Worcestershire Record are encouraged. If you have any ideas for short notes, longer reports, papers, anything of relevance to recording, biology or conservation of Worcestershire's wildlife will be considered. If you are to embark on a long piece of work, please let the editor Harry Green (email) know so he can reserve space. Articles are exposed to the Web so ideally should be written for comprehension of an UK/international audience also as the simplest observations on species may have value elsewhere. Use of scientific names of species & families & other groupings is generally beneficial.

More detail is given in the Preparing an Article for Worcestershire Record


David M. Green davidmxgreen@gmail.com currently designs and creates Worcestershire Record web pages from text, tables and images received from Harry Green the editor, originating from contributing authors. Please send email if you find something that requires correcting. John Partridge created the web pages in a different format up to Worcestershire Record 27. These earlier Web issues were slightly cut down. From number 29 articles are always complete & all biological articles are included. The Web issues have always contained colour pictures.

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