Worcestershire Record 35 (2013 November)

Wildlife biological journal of Worcestershire, England, UK

1AverillMike AverillDragonflies in Worcestershire 2013
2Bates; Blake; Harvey; Bower; Alexander; Jenkins; Sadler; McKeown; Shaw; Gange; GreenAdam Bates; Max Blake; Deborah Harvey; Laura Bower; Lauren Alexander; Lloyd Jenkins; Jon Sadler; Niall McKeown; Paul Shaw; Alan Gange; Harry GreenIntroduction to the Noble Chafer Gnorimus nobilis (Linnaeus, 1758) Leverhulme research project
3BinghamJohn BinghamHoof Fungus Fomes fomentarius an update
4Bingham; BinghamJohn Bingham; Denise BinghamNotes on some invertebrates found in Worcestershire in 2013
5Bingham; BinghamJohn Bingham; Denise BinghamPediopsis tiliae (Germar, 1831) Lime Leafhopper in Worcestershire.
6BrownAlan BrownColeoptera of note found in the Kidderminster area 2010-2013
7BrownAlan BrownSome interesting behaviour of two species of Carabus Ground Beetles
8FarmerGary FarmerA few attractive beetles encountered in Worcestershire in 2013
9FarmerGary FarmerA wolf in raft spider’s clothing, a cautionary tale for the rarity hunter
10FarmerGary FarmerFlowers that bite
11FarmerGary FarmerOrthoptera atlas update November 2013
12Farmer; FarmerGary Farmer; Nicki FarmerJackals fly in for a feast
13GreenHarry GreenField recording days 2013
14GreenHarry GreenPine sawfly Diprion pini first record for Worcestershire
15GreenHarry GreenPlanting the 2013 Whitty Pear
16GreenHarry GreenRecording days records 2013
17GreenHarry GreenUnusual centipede found in Worcestershire
18HarrisonPaddy HarrisonHornets stripping Ash bark
19HillAngie HillEuropean rhinoceros beetle Oryctes nasicornis found in Martley
20HollisterGeorge HollisterGrey Squirrels and Redwoods
21LashleyBecky LashleyRecording in traditional orchards
22LawleyMark LawleyBorder Bryologists 2014
23LoweGarth LoweHornets’ Nest
24LoweGarth LoweWinter Robins in a garden
25MaskewRoger MaskewThe flora of Worcestershire
26ReidBert ReidElephant Hawkmoth and Bogbean
27ReidBert ReidRecording Days records vascular plants 2013
28ReidBert ReidShould we record that plant? Some questions raised in 2013
29SimpsonTony SimpsonDamage to Ash leaves by feeding moth larvae
30Simpson; WestwoodTony Simpson; Brett WestwoodRamshorn Gall Andricus aries found in Worcestershire
31Trevis; WinnallGeoff Trevis; Rosemary WinnallAculeate hymenoptera of the Devil’s Spittleful and Rifle Range Reserves at Kidderminster
32TurnerMark E TurnerRaptor revelations in Broadway, Worcestershire
33UmpelbyRoger UmpelbyEmperor Dragonfly Anax imperator eating butterfly
34UmpelbyRoger UmpelbyPear Rust Gymnosporangium sabinae
35UmpelbyRoger UmpelbyRed kites on Bredon Hill
36WalkerD. R. E. WalkerGlow-worms Lampyris noctiluca near Droitwich Spa: A Semi-quantitative assessment of their distribution and numbers in 2013
37WestwoodBrett WestwoodIvy Bee Colletes hederae in Worcestershire
38WhiteheadP.F. WhiteheadChanges in the behaviour of large gulls Laridae in south Worcestershire during the summer of 2013
39WhiteheadP.F. WhiteheadConservationist oblivious to attention of Red Kite Milvus milvus L., 1758
40WhiteheadP.F. WhiteheadEmperor Dragonfly Anax imperator Leach, 1815 (Odonata, Aeshnidae) taking Peacock Butterfly Inachis io (L., 1758) (Lep., Nymphalidae) in flight
41WhiteheadP.F. WhiteheadFurther observations on Athous campyloides Newman, 1833 (Col., Elateridae) in Worcestershire
42WhiteheadP.F. WhiteheadNotable invertebrates including Rhizophagus oblongicollis Blatch & Horner, 1892 from the Grafton Wood area of Worcestershire during 2013
43WhiteheadP.F. WhiteheadNotes on Ctesias serra (F., 1792) (Col., Dermestidae) including a breeding record on Wellingtonia Sequoiadendron giganteum (Lindley) Buchholz in Worcestershire
44WinnallRosemary WinnallA New species of Waxcap Gliophorus reginae in Worcestershire.
45Winnall; FarmerRosemary Winnall; Nicki FarmerA new Harvestman in the Wyre Forest. Sabacon viscayanum subsp. ramblaianum Martens, 1983