Buzzard stories

Harry Green (compiler); Martin Skirrow; Rob Harvard

Buzzard versus peregrine

Martin Skirrow

Yesterday (13th December 2010)), here at the farm near Berrow) at about 15.00hrs, I heard an agitated "kek-kek-kek-kek" and saw a female peregrine swooping repeatedly at something on the ground fractionally below my line of vision. After a couple of minutes to gain a suitable vantage point, I saw a buzzard fly up from the point of focus and make off with a carcase. The peregrine had given up a few moments before. On inspecting the site, there was a mass of scattered pigeon feathers and fresh blood. I assume the peregrine had made the kill only to have it stolen. In the nearby trees were many pigeons (flocks of 300+ have been around for several days) which, after the entertainment of seeing someone else eaten, departed. There was another fairly fresh pigeon kill site close by.

All this within 200 metres of my dwelling. Watching that peregrine with its swoops and Immelmann turns called to mind demonstrations at the Falconry Centre, except that instead of Jemima Parry-Jones with a lure there was a buteo with some booty!

Buzzards versus ducks

Rob Harvard

Cycling in this morning (12th April 2011) over the Severn bridge at the Ketch (S edge of Worcester) a Buzzard was hovering above the bridge and swooped down to attempt to take two ducks in flight as they were about to fly under the bridge. I’ve never seen anything like this since I saw a buzzard land on a pheasant when working in Wiltshire. I’ve noticed a pair of Buzzards often hovering above this bridge. Maybe they have found an easy way to hunt here?

Editors’s Note

Don't underestimate buzzards - they ain't a success story for nothing! Good addition to the Worcestershire Record series on what buzzards eat and do. The variety is endless. Please send in your stories


Fig. 1. Buzzard Drawing by Ray Bishop

Fig. 1. Buzzard Drawing by Ray Bishop