Worcestershire Recorders field recording days 2010

Author - various
All photographs ©Harry Green

See records (tables):

Most recording was on the date indicated (below). A few people visited on the following day as they were unable to attend on the main day. These records are included.

Three sites were visited as follows:

Lower Moor Meadows, central grid ref SO974466, Saturday 5th June 2010. By kind permission of the Vale Landscape Heritage Trust. This series of meadows lie on the flood plain of the River Avon and are managed as grazed wet meadows although they are quite dry in summer despite an extensive scrape with shallow water and mud. They lie between the Lench Ditch and the River Avon. There are many pollarded willows along the ditch. The river bank is high and steep but bordered within the channel by a narrow shelf covered with emergent vegetation. For a further description see notes by Bert Reid preceding the flora lists.

Bockleton Study Centre, near Tenbury Wells. Central grid ref house and grounds SO576622, adjacent Swingley Pool SO5866619, Saturday 10th July 2010. Both sites visited. All the records for both are combined in the list. More details are recorded on the Worcestershire Biological Records Centre database. Bockleton Study Centre is run by Birmingham City Council and provides outdoor and environmental activities for groups. We visited by kind permission of Andrew Taylor, Centre Principal, and we are most grateful of the kind welcome and help given to us by him and his staff. The Study Centre comprises a large house and extensive openly wooded grounds and gardens (for more details see http://www.bockleton.bham.org.uk/). Swingley Pool is surrounded by trees and surrounded by fields. For a further description see notes by Bert Reid preceding the flora lists.

Randan Meadows central grid ref SO916727 and Randan Wood SO919728 Saturday 7th August 2010. By kind permission of Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. Randan Wood is the first reserve managed by the Trust and formally the home of the late Fred Fincher, a great Worcestershire naturalist. Randan Meadows is a newly created reserve comprising two small meadows rich in ant hills. It is bordered by ancient woodland and contains a fine ancient oak. For a further description see notes by Bert Reid preceding the flora lists.


Lower Moor Medaows 25 booked, 19 attended

Bockleton Study Centre 22 booked, 13 attended

Randan Meadows and Wood 23 booked, 18 attended.

The lists that follow contain all the records submitted to the WBRC by October 2010. (Flora records are listed separately) Doubtless more records will be submitted at a later date. If you attended one of these Field Days and have note for a species you recorded which does not appear in the lists please send your records in to records@wbrc.org.uk . The aim of these meetings is to provide a snapshot of species at the site on the day and these lists may be more of more value in 100 years than now!

Recorders names and initials used in the tables

Mike AverillMA
Bert ReidAWR
Alan BrownAB
David BarnettDB
Denzil DevosDD
Gary FarmerGAF
Geoff TrevisGHT
Harry GreenGHG
Jane & Dave ScottJDS
John MeiklejohnJWM
John PartridgeWJP
Mervyn NeedhamMN
Mick BlytheMEB
Rosemary WinnallRAW
Mike InskipMI
Steve DaviesSD
Tony SimpsonAS
Alan LawsonAL
Will WatsonWW
Brett WestwoodBW
Ephemera vulgata dun, Lower Moor Meadows
Dragonfly recording, Lower Moor meadows
Will Watson in Swingly pool Bockleton Study Centre
Acaena ovalifolia a pitti-pitti burr, Bockleton Study Centre
Randan Meadows - at the beginning of the day it rained so we started recording in Mervyn Needham's greenhouse. Good for hoverflies
Recording in Randan Meadows
Recorders in Randan Wood at nearly dry pool
The ancient oak in Randan Meadows
Shoulder-knot Lithophane leautieri, Bockleton
Cattle graze Lower Moor Meadows by River Avon in late summer