Kestrel and frog

Paul Meers

9th September 2010. On the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust blog (see

'I was at Feckenham Wylde Moor as usual on the Wednesday work party. After lunch break I started to carry out that weeks butterfly recording and as I walked across Hill Piece I noticed our resident Kestrel perched on the wires that cross the meadow. After a few seconds he dropped down into the grass. I was surprised at how slowly he descended and so I walked nearer to see what he had spotted. As I approached he 'mantled' and as I got nearer he flew up. I noticed that he was carrying a large frog. He flew into the big Oak and proceeded to eat it where I took many photographs before he flew off with what was left of the prey'.

1. Kestrel "mantling" over frog it has just caught, Feckenham. ©Paul Meers
2. Kestrel with frog it has just caught, Feckenham
©Paul Meers
3. Kestrel eating frog, Feckenham ©Paul Meers