Supporters Subsrciptions to Worcestershire Biological Records Centre

By Harry Green

Your financial contributions have enabled production of the Worcestershire Record and some subsidy of other BRC activities. Many people have contributed more than the minimum 2 requested and this has been a very great help. The production of Worcestershire Record No 6 and its postal costs will severely deplete the coffers so we do need further monetary support to continue at the present level. Having looked at the income and expenditure with Geoff Trevis we feel a basic 3 per annum subscription will keep us going for a while.

Previously we have not asked for an annual contribution but simply a one-off subscription. This was because we were unsure of the future or of individual recorder's willingness (or otherwise) to support the WBRC. We now have a consistent supporting group of around 200, hence the 3 minimum subscription per annum. If any of you who have joined recently and are now being asked for another sub feel hard done by please get in touch - we can supply back numbers of Worcestershire Record if you would like them. It is important to emphasise that as yet the WBRC has no other funding but receives a little office and administrative support from Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. Worcestershire Record is prepared, copied and posted on a voluntary basis, largely by me!

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