Worcestershire Record No. 5 Nov 1998 p. 25


Harry Green

The BTO is collecting casual records this winter of flocks of golden plover and lapwings when there are over 100 of either species. The information required is:
Date of record
Name of locality
Grid reference
number of golden plover
number of lapwings
Notes (feeding, roosting, type of habitat, other species present
Forms are available -I can provide photocopies. Please send results back via myself so we can keep a copy locally. Before undertaking a national survey BTO are carrying out intensive work in areas where both species occur to obtain a better understanding of how wintering flocks behave. Help is required to make regular (monthly or more frequent counts) within an area chosen by you because the birds are there. If you would like to join in this work write to Simon Gillings, British Trust for Ornithology, The Nunnery, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 2PU as soon as possible as the survey runs from October to March. 

More information:

Fuller, Rob & Gillings Simon 1998 Casual records for wintering golden plover and lapwing are required. BTO News 218 (Sept-Oct 1998)

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