Vascular Plant Records 2010 and 2011

Bert Reid

General Comments

Plant recording has changed in the last couple of years. The Worcestershire Flora Project has stopped gathering data in the field for the forthcoming publication, so there is now little organised work on tetrad bashing or following up specific questions. Many of the stalwart botanists from the project have drifted away from consistent recording. Some have moved away from the county, some have become too old or infirm, some have changed their focus to other groups, and some have simply lost interest after such a long project. We no longer have the focus provided by the project to direct and enthuse new recorders.

We need help if we are to avoid local botanical recording declining to a very low level. I report below on just a few of the activities where this help is needed. It may be best if we form a group of recorders connected via e-mail where we can share details of finds, organise field meetings concentrating on botany, give mutual assistance on identification, co-ordinate liaison with Worcestershire Recorders, WBRC and BSBI, and any other aspects that develop. If you want to join in this, please e-mail me at If enough people are interested we may consider a more formal structure for the future.

This report is in two main sections. The first section deals with the Botanical Society of the British Isles, looking at the major projects that they organise and Worcestershire’s role and progress in these projects. The second section gives details of some of the most interesting records in 2010 and 2011.

The BSBI (Botanical Society of the British Isles)

The BSBI is the major national society for the study of vascular plants. It organises plant recording by vice-county, with our area (VC 37) looked after by joint recorders John Day and Bert Reid. The Worcester Flora Project covers a slightly different area with all of VC 37 plus the small areas of modern Worcestershire within neighbouring vice-counties. The BSBI runs many projects and details of these can be seen on their website ( I have selected 2 projects where we need help to improve our coverage.

1. Maps Scheme.

The maps scheme tries to plot the distribution of all taxa at hectad and/or tetrad level. The maps generated show different date classes with the recent class being 2010 to 2019, so we now nearly 2 years in to the class. It is vital that we get as much information as possible in for the creation of Atlas 2020 at the end of the date class. We would like to receive any records for VC 37, ideally at 1km square level or closer. As always we need information of taxon, site, grid, date, recorder name, and comment where appropriate.

The table below shows the progress so far at hectad level for date class 2010-2019. It is incomplete, since not all records have yet been entered up, but gives a reasonable overall picture.

HectadTaxa HectadTaxa
SO56216 SO93336
SO6419 SO94903
SO6570 SO95789
SO66374 SO96951
SO67110 SO97345
SO720 SO98200
SO73430 SO990
SO74572 SP03137
SO75256 SP04376
SO76171 SP05203
SO77400 SP06391
SO7895 SP07194
SO822 SP08167
SO83379 SP131
SO84576 SP141
SO85525 SP150
SO86399 SP16149
SO87536 SP17174
SO88319 SP18207
TOTAL 10973

The total of 10973 compares with the previous date class (2000-2009) total of 21823. We are therefore nearly half way towards a reasonable total. SO94, SO95 and SO96 have been fairly well covered with special concentration here by Bert Reid & John Day. SO73, SO74, SO83 & SO84 have been partially covered by Keith Barnett, while other significant hectad totals have been from more occasional visits to few sites such as the Worcestershire Recorders field meetings.

Most of the very low totals are from small areas of edge hectads mainly outside VC 37. Much remains to be done, with even some common plants showing obvious gaps. The second half will be harder to find, with scarcer or more critical plants remaining.

Anything like full tetrad coverage is not practical in the ten years without greatly increased help, but even partial coverage is valuable.

2. Threatened Plants Project

The other project of most urgent importance is the threatened plants project. Each year BSBI selects a small group of species of conservation concern where recent declines or inadequate ecological information leads them to be considered threatened. Of the ten plants selected for 2011, only three have any recent local records, Juncus compressus, Silene conica and Torilis arvensis. The selected plants for 2012 are better represented in Worcestershire: Bupleurum tenuissimum, Hypochaeris glabra, Anacamptis morio (Orchis morio), Persicaria minor, Ranunculus arvensis and Vicia parviflora. Also included are Orchis anthropophora (Aceras anthropophorum) that has one known in Worcestershire but in vc33. This is a much more challenging list, although we do not yet know which specific sites will be selected as the priority for full checking.

Recording for the project is rather complicated and is best done by experienced botanists. The form requests full grids for the colony, ideally a 10m grid for each part of the population, aspect, slope, and altitude for the site, full details of population size, density and extent, broad habitat, NVC, soil type etc where possible, and associated species lists. Forms and instructions can be downloaded from the BSBI website.

For those who find the task too taxing, please e-mail me as early as possible with as much detail as you are comfortable with. For braver souls confident with completing the forms themselves, let me know which site you have covered and pass the completed form to me by e-mail or post. I don’t want to waste people’s time surveying sites already covered.

This project is an excellent opportunity for plant recorders to visit some of our best local sites, to see some of our most interesting plants, to hone their botanical skills and to carry out more standard recording at the same time. I may be able to join people on site if they wish for help with more difficult aspects of the recording.

Important & Interesting Records

It might be thought that after 23 years of detailed recording since the start of the flora project, there would be very few plants left to find. Experience in 2010 & 2011 has shown that this thought is far from correct. Just looking at the totals of new post-1987 records for each hectad we see that in 2010 there were no less than 262 such records spread over 220 species in 31 hectads. SO94 and SO96 had 52 and 45 additions respectively, with 10+ additions in a further 6 hectads. 2011 was even more impressive 276 additions spread over 223 species and 27 hectads. SO95 and SO96 accounted for 48 and 27 additions with 10+ in another 12 hectads.

Many of the additions are of course non-native casuals and garden escapes, or are critical plants such as dandelions where even comon species have been easily missed earlier. There are also important finds, such as nationally threatened plants in new sites, which are not new hectad records. There are missing records where they have not been entered up yet or are awaiting confirmation. Therefore the records listed below are just a limited selection of records that I know about and that I consider most interesting. Other people would have chosen differently.

In the record details below, “county” refers to the combined area of modern Worcestershire. The symbol * designates first published county records and # first post 1987 hectad records. A + against the species indicates that the taxon is not a native or archeophyte where recorded.

2010 records

* Achillea filipendulina – Fern-leaf Yarrow +

Lower Moor: SO9746: Bert Reid: Good patch by footpath hedge in arable; also in garden 50m away on other side of footpath. First county record.

Westmancote: SO9142: Bert Reid: Small patch by footpath. 2nd record.

# Alopecurus aequalis – Orange Foxtail

Abbey Park Ponds Evesham: SP0343: John Day: Locally frequent

# Amaranthus hybridusGreen Amaranth +

Martley: SO7559: Roger Maskew: Allotments, common

Grimley Gravel Pits: SO8360/SO8361: Roger Maskew

* Amaranthus hypochondriacus – Prince’s-feather +

Abbey Road Great Malvern: SO7745: Keith Barnett: 1, pavement, in flower. First county record.

# Artemisia verlotiorum – Chinese Mugwort +

Broadway Lane Fladbury: SO9945: Bert Reid: Large non-flowering patch, at least 10m long, on verge between road and arable, smaller patch (c. 3m.) at SO9845. 2nd county site.

Spring Hill Farm, Fladbury: SO9946: Bert Reid: Good patch by footpath at edge of potato field

# Asplenium ceterach – Rustyback

St.John the Baptist Church Feckenham: SP0061: John Day: Single plant.

# Atriplex littoralis - Grass-leaved Orache

A491 Hagley: SO9181: Brett Westwood: Central reservation about 30 plants

# Avena strigosa - Bristle Oat

South of Hill Farm Finstall: SO9868: John Day: Edge of arable - cereal stubble. First record since 1950s

# Bassia scoparia - Summer-cypress +

M5 SO84: SO8646/ SO8745: John Day: Central reservation and verge, several. Spreading on M5.

* Betula utilis var. jacquemontii - Jacquemont's Birch +

Pershore Bridges area: SO9544: Bert Reid: 1 tree planted in picnic area. First county record but clearly planted.

* Brassica “Mizuna” – Japanese Greens +

B4624 near Evesham: SP0246: Bert Reid conf. Tim Rich: 5 plants on dumped soil bank between old and new road. Tim Rich unable to give a definitive Latin name but is "inclined towards rapa as the 'species' but I really don't know"

# Buddleja x weyeriana – Weyer’s Butterfy-bush +

Worcester and Birmingham Canal: SO9567: John Day: Single bush possibly planted by bridge. 4th county record

* Calystegia sepium ssp. sepium f. colorata – Hedge Bindweed +

Hill Court Farm Longdon Marsh: SO8235: Roger Maskew conf. R.K.Brummitt: First county record for this forma

# Carex vesicaria - Bladder-sedge

Eastern margin, Tardebigge Reservoir: SO9868: John Day: 2 small marginal stands. Anglers report that these were transplanted from overgrown woodland close by in 2008

* Chaenorhinum origanifolium - Malling Toadflax +

Alvechurch Parish: SP0272: Brian Laney conf. J.P.Poland & M.W.Rand: Specimen collected from Alvechurch in cleared ground in rubble. The site is now (2011) under housing development. First county record.

# Chara hispida - Bristly Stonewort

Footpath round Throckmorton Tip: SO9748: Bert Reid: A few plants in wet ruts near pool. 3rd site.

# Colutea arborescens x orientalis - Orange Bladder-senna +

Farleigh Road Pershore: SO9445: Bert Reid: One flowering shrub on pavement edge by tall larch-lap fence. Assumed to have spread from garden. 3rd county record

# Cosmos bipinnatus - Mexican Aster +

Holt Rough: SO8262: John Day: 1 in flower. 3rd county record

* Cynodon dactylon - Bermuda-grass +

S.E. canalside bank to Lock No.22, Worcester and Birmingham Canal: SO9465: John Day: Well established colony abundant over area c15x5m. First county record.

# Dactylorhiza fuchsii x praetermissa – a hybrid orchid

Feckenham Wylde Moor: SP0160: Roger Maskew: 5 plants, 2 obviously backcrossed and close to D.praetermissa

# Deutzia scabra – Deutzia +

Langdale Wood: SO7942: Keith Barnett conf. E.J.Clement: 1 flore pleno shrub in flower. An obvious relic probably dating from the time when there was a military establishment there decades ago. 3rd county record

# Eleocharis acicularis - Needle Spike-rush

Tardebigge Reservoir: SO9868: John Day: Frequent as uprooted plants along water margin

# Epipactis phyllanthes - Green-flowered Helleborine

Highwood Eastham: SO6567: Roger Maskew: 2 plants

# Euphorbia oblongata – Balkan Spurge +

Christ Church Road, Barnards Green: SO7845: Keith Barnett conf. Roger Maskew: 1, foot of garden wall / pavement, in flower / fruit. 2nd county record.

# Festuca filiformis - Fine-leaved Sheep's-fescue

Pipers Hill: SO9565: John Day: Bank north of pool, locally frequent

Filago minima – Small Cudweed

Devils Spittleful & Rifle Range N.R.: SO8074/SO8174: Bert Reid: Good populations, first records for site

# Fumaria bastardii - Tall Ramping-fumitory

Malvern Link: SO7847: Peter Garner conf. R.J.Murphy: 2nd county site.

* Ipomoea purpurea - Common Morning-glory +

Wykewane, Barnards Green area: SO7945: Keith Barnett: 3, clearly bird seed alien in pavement outside garden. First county record.

Juncus compressus - Round-fruited Rush

Avon Meadows Pershore: SO9546: Bert Reid: 1 large clump at edge of pool, new site, last hectad record in 1989.

* Lupinus albus - White Lupin +

Cooks Hill (lane) Wick: SO9646: Bert Reid: Patchily abundant in weedy fallow field on east side of lane, mostly in full fruit. Clearly planted (as green manure?) but not previously noted in county.

* Matthiola incana – Hoary Stock +

Junction of Tibberton Road & Imperial Road, Barnards Green: SO7845: Keith Barnett: One sturdy plant at foot of garden wall. Present for at least 2 years. First county record.

# Misopates orontium - Weasel's-snout

Coppice House, Lane to Bannalls Farm Kyre: SO6463: Roger Maskew: In vegetable and flower beds of recorder's garden since 2007

Grimley Gravel Pits: SO8360: Roger Maskew: 1 plant

Astley Parish: SO8169: Roger Maskew: 6 plants

# Molinia caerulea – Purple Moor-grass

Eades Meadow: SO9864: John Day: Single small tussock.

* Narcissus minor – Lesser Daffodil +

Lane from Allesborough to Ladywood: SO9346: Bert Reid: 1 with a few N. pseudonarcissus cultivars in lay-by. Clear match with descriptions in Stace and Sell & Murrell. First county record.

Near A44, B4624 Worcester Road: SP0245/SP0246: Bert Reid: 4, earth bank between new and old roads

* Nassella tenuissima - Argentine Needle-grass +

New Street, Upton upon Severn: SO8540: Keith Barnett det. E.J.Clement: 6 clumps spaced out at foot of walls along street - evident escape from nearby garden. First county record.

* Pennisetum macrourum - African Feather-grass +

Fruitlands, Malvern Wells: SO7743:: Keith Barnett det. E.J.Clement: About 12, gutter, in flower. First county record.

# Rudbeckia hirta - Black-eyed-Susan +

Pinvin Parish: SO9548: Bert Reid: Several in waste ground opposite bean field by footpath. 4th county record

# Securigera varia – Crown Vetch +

East of Duckswich: SO8339: Keith Barnett conf. Roger Maskew: 1, disturbed soil near newly created pool, in flower / fruit. Reported as seen by P.G. Garner in August 2010

# Solidago virgaurea – Goldenrod

Pipers Hill: SO9565: John Day: 2, valley east side

# Taraxacum exsertiforme – Erect-bracted Dandelion +

B4093 Studley Road, Redditch in VC38: SP0664: John Day det. Bert Reid conf. A.J.Richards: East side grass verge to footway - 2 specimens. 2nd county record.

# Taraxacum fagerstroemii – Fagerstrom’s Dandelion +

Church Lane, Mamble: SO6871: John Day det. Bert Reid conf. A.J.Richards: Grass verge below churchyard wall. 3rd County record

Taraxacum ostenfeldii – Ostenfeld’s Dandelion

Stonehall Common: SO8849: Bert Reid conf. A.J.Richards: Damp grassland. 2nd county record.

# Taraxacum porteri – Porter’s Dandelion

Bockleton Road: SO5961: John Day det. Bert Reid conf. A.J.Richards: North side grass verge. 2nd county record

# Trifolium ornithopodioide - Bird's-foot Clover

Stepway down sandy bank to pool, Upton Warren Gravel Pit: SO9367: John Day: Small colonies on several steps and bank. First record beyond Malvern Hills area.

# Veronica scutellata – Marsh Speedwell

Avon Meadows Pershore: SO9546: Bert Reid: 5 tiny plants in gaps in lattice concrete base of car park (winter flooded)

2011 records

# Abies alba - European Silver-fir +

Grafton Wood: SO9756: Bert Reid: Recently felled conifer plot. 2nd county record.

# Acanthus spinosus - Spiny Bear's-breech +

Lane by Kington: SO9855: Bert Reid: Two plants, one in flower, on grassy roadside bank, not seen in nearest gardens. 2nd record, first since 1974.

# Agrostemma githago – Corncockle +

Footpath to Mucknell Farm, Stoulton Parish: SO9051: Bert Reid: Frequent over about 50m of footpath edge, mainly under newly planted hedge.

# Amelanchier lamarckii – Juneberry +

A422 in SO95: SO9555: Bert Reid: Single medium shrub in small roadside woodbelt. 5th county record.

# Arenaria leptoclados - Small Thyme-leaved Sandwort

St Stephans Chapel Bordesley: SP0468: John Day:

# Atriplex littoralis - Grass-leaved Orache

M5 SO84: SO8645/SO8646: Brett Westwood: Central reservation, about 15 plants.

* Bolboschoeus laticarpus – a Club-rush

Holt Castle: SO8362: Roger Maskew conf. F.Rumsey: Small stand on edge of pool below castle. First county record. What had been thought to be B. maritimus known here since at least 1977.

# Callitriche platycarpa - Various-leaved Water-starwort

Pond at SO98576048 Bradley Green: SO9860: John Day: Occasional

# Carduus crispus x nutans (C. x stangii) - a hybrid thistle

Cherry Orchard Tip: SO8553: Brett Westwood: 7th county record.

# Cephalaria gigantea - Giant Scabious +

Lower Court Kemerton: SO9436: John Day: Established in MG1 rough grassland on west side of stream nr gate into orchard. 8th county record.

# Clinopodium ascendens - Common Calamint

Thrift Wood: SO9155: Bert Reid: A few plants on road verge by wood.

# Corydalis cheilanthifolia - Fern-leaved Corydalis +

Lower Smite Farm: SO8859: Bert Reid: Several well-spread plants at base of walls around farm courtyard. 4th county record.

# Corylus maxima – Filbert +

Broad Lane Bishampton: SO9951: Bert Reid: One large multi-stemmed fruiting bush in roadside garden hedge of "Nut Tree House", Bishampton. Also several bushes in roadside hedge on other side of road. 4th county record.

# Crataegus succulenta - Round-fruited Cockspur-thorn +

St Peters Park, Droitwich: SO9062: John Day: Occasional all probably planted – surviving. 2nd county record.

# Crocosmia paniculata - Aunt-Eliza +

Poolbrook, Malvern Common: SO7744: Keith Barnett: Substantial clump, in flower. 5th county record.

# Echium vulgare - Viper's Bugloss

Swan Pool , Hanley Swan: SO8142: Keith Barnett: About 10, unkempt grassy area near pool.

# Epilobium lanceolatum - Spear-leaved Willowherb

Canalside wall, Worcester and Birmingham Canal: SO9466: John Day: 5-10 plts.

The Ridgeway east side, Droitwich: SO9063: John Day: Bank by pavement.

* Erica vagans - Cornish Heath +

Town Coppice, Wyre Forest: SO7676: Brett Westwood: Old cottage site previously garden – established. First county record.

# Euphorbia characias - Mediterranean Spurge +

Tibberton Road, Great Malvern: SO7845: Keith Barnett: 8 young plants growing in and at foot of garden wall. One removed and grown on.

# Euphorbia oblongata – Balkan Spurge +

A4538 Pershore Lane SO85: SO8957: John Day conf. Bert Reid: Established - several colonies on both sides of road (more on east) extending over 200m. 3rd county record.

Verge east side, Lane to Bredons Norton: SO9238: John Day & Adrian Darby: 4th county record.

# Filago minima - Small Cudweed

Upton Warren Gravel Pit: SO9367: John Day: About 30 plts in rabbit grazed Cladonia/grass heath

# Filago vulgaris - Common Cudweed

Near Tibberton, Worcester and Birmingham Canal: SO9058: Bert Reid: Single plant on bare edge of towpath by mooring sites along canal. Not previously known here.

# Frangula alnus - Alder Buckthorn

Wood east of River Cole, Scribers Lane SINC: SP1079: John Day: Appeared native.

# Fumaria capreolata ssp. babingtonii - Ramping Fumitory

Near Peartrees, Egdon, A44 SO95: SO9151: Bert Reid: Small patch with F. officinalis, roadside hedge.

# Galanthus nivalis x plicatus – a hybrid snowdrop +

In woodland by car park, Herefordshire Beacon, Malvern Hills: SO7640: John Day: Large clump c10 flowers. Intermediate in floral parts & dimensions, leaf morphology and size. 2nd county record.

# Galium parisiense - Wall Bedstraw

Kemerton Estate vc33: SO9336: John Day & Adrian Darby: About 10 plts scattered over a few sq metres in open vegetation on sandy soil.

# Galium uliginosum - Fen Bedstraw

West side of ditch, Upper Bentley Meadows: SO9966: John Day: Small clump

# Geranium versicolor - Pencilled Crane's-bill +

By walkway east from Newton Road, Aston Fields: SO9668: John Day: Established in rough grassland. 5th county record.

# Hydrangea macrophylla – Hydrangea +

Dormston Parish: SO9757: Bert Reid: 1 large bush on edge of footpath opposite house, presumed originally planted. 2nd county record.

# Jasminum nudiflorum - Winter Jasmine +

On Haha wall, Madresfield Court: SO8047: John Day: Established. 3rd county record.

# Lepidium sativum - Garden Cress +

Lane by Kington: SO9955: Bert Reid det. Tim Rich: 5 plants on disturbed road verge opposite farn entrance. Photograph taken next day, when farmer said that soil from ditch clearance had been dumped on verge and that some "wild flower" seed had been sown. 6th county record.

# Linaria maroccana - Annual Toadflax +

Abbey Park Community Orchard, Pershore Town: SO9445: Bert Reid: Many plants around edge of newly created orchard from seed mix sown to create pollen source around fruit trees. 6th county record.

# Linum grandiflorum - Scarlet Flax +

Abbey Park Community Orchard, Pershore Town: SO9445: Bert Reid: A few plants around edge of newly created orchard from seed mix sown to create pollen source around fruit trees. 2nd county record.

# Lonicera tatarica - Tartarian Honeysuckle +

Kingfisher Country Park in VC37: SP1587: John Day: Large bush in native vegetation, close to housing – surviving, 3rd county record.

# Lotus tenuis - Narrow-leaved Bird's-foot-trefoil

North bank, Droitwich Junction Canal: SO9063: John Day: Single large clump.

* Ludwigia hexapetala - Water-primrose +

Just south of Broad Lane, Bishampton Parish: SO9951: Bert Reid: Very locally dominant on draw-down zone of recently created ?fishing pool. Record and photos reported to Non-native Species Secretariat who confirmed the record (as L. grandiflora). Stace now treats L. grandiflora as L. hexapetala. First county record.

# Malcolmia maritima - Virginia Stock +

By path to footbridge, Cherry Orchard Tip: SO8453: John Day, Bert Reid & Brett Westwood: 1, with other garden escapes / throw-outs. 4th county record.

# Matthiola longipetala - Night-scented Stock +

By path to footbridge, Cherry Orchard Tip: SO8453: John Day, Bert Reid & Brett Westwood: 1, with other garden escapes / throw-outs. 2nd county record.

# Mentha aquatica x arvensis (M. x verticillata) - Whorled Mint

Malvern Common: SO7744: Keith Barnett conf. Roger Maskew: Large patch, damp wooded area, grown on until flowering Sept 2011.

# Nardus stricta - Mat-grass

Bentley Moat Meadow: SO9866: John Day:

# Oenanthe lachenalii – Parsley Water-dropwort

Pinvin Roughs: SO9449: Roger Maskew: First hectad record since 1984.

# Ononis spinosa - Spiny Restharrow

Dean Brook Valley Meadows: SO9460: John Day: Neglected grassland, Meadow adj Goosehill Lane.

Orobanche rapum-genistae - Greater Broomrape

East of pool below & south of gate, Birchfields Rochford: SO6666: John Day, Bert Reid & Brett Westwood: Under broom - 3 flowering spikes plus 16 dead spikes from 2010. New site for this rare & declining plant.

# Phytolacca acinosa - Indian Pokeweed +

Walks Piece Wood, Eastern Plantations Kinsham Gravel Pit: SO9436: John Day conf. E J.Clement: 1 in fruit, southern edge by track. 3rd county record.

# Poa infirma - Early Meadow-grass

By Hanley Swan Green, B4209 Hanley Road: SO8142: Keith Barnett det. Roger Maskew: Locally frequent on about 70m stretch of road verge, in flower.

Barnards Green to Guarlford road: SO8045: Keith Barnett conf. Roger Maskew: Several patches on road verge, in flower / fruit.

# Potamogeton berchtoldii - Small Pondweed

Meadow adj east side of The Shadow: SO9866: John Day: Pond, locally frequent. Rolled stipules.

# Potentilla norvegica - Ternate-leaved Cinquefoil +

Near SW corner of Diglis Dock: SO8453: John Day & Brett Westwood: 1 plant in disturbed ground – casual. First Worcestershire record since before 1950.

# Ranunculus penicillatus ssp. pseudofluitans - a stream water-crowfoot

Bow Brook near Peopleton: SO9350/SO9351: Bert Reid: Frequent by Mill House and Barrel Bridge.

* Sagina subulata - Heath Pearlwort

Car Boot field adj east side of Stanklyn Lane, Stanklyn: SO8574: John Day: 1, first confirmed record for vc37.

# Salix acutifolia - Siberian Violet-willow +

Carr Wood St Peters Fields Droitwich: SO9062: John Day: Surviving in native vegetation. 4th county record.

# Salvia verbenaca - Wild Clary

Birts Street Bank: SO7836: Mike Liley: 150 plants.

# Salvia viridis - Annual Clary +

Field at Blakeshall: SO8381: Brett Westwood: 1 plant, 3rd county record.

# Scabiosa columbaria - Small Scabious

Redditch Cemetery: SP0367: John Day: Small group c5 plts growing on bare edge to grassland.

# Scilla siberica - Siberian Squill +

St Michaels Church, Stourport: SO8171: John Day: 1 in rough grassland near canal.

# Sedum kamtschaticum – Kamchatka Stonecrop +

Egdon opposite Berkley Arms pub, A44: SO9151: Bert Reid: Small patch on edge of old lay-by blocked with rubble. 2nd county record.

* Senecio squalidus x viscosus (S. x subnedbrodensis) - a hybrid Ragwort +

B.S.C. Foley Park: SO8274: Roger Maskew conf. V.Alexander: 1 plant, apparently 1 or 2 others nearby. First county record.

# Silene uniflora - Sea Campion +

Severn Drive, Upton upon Severn Town: SO8540: Keith Barnett: Spreading out of garden and seeding into pavement / foot of wall, in flower. 2nd county record.

* Solanum chenopodioides – Tall Nightshade+

Off Hall Green (road) Malvern: SO8045: Keith Barnett conf. Roger Maskew & T.D. Dines: About 10 plants in flower & fruit, disturbed area beside footpath. First county record.

# Sorbus domestica - Service-tree +

Verge by old orchard, High Street Broadway: SP1037: Bert Reid: One large tree on verge by old orchard at east edge of village (by end of tarmac road). Fruits +/- pyriform. Initially drawn to recorder's attention by Martin Jones, North Cotswolds National Trust Warden, following guided walk with Broadway Natural History Society.

# Stellaria pallida - Lesser Chickweed

By recreation ground, Kingfisher Country Park: SP1488: John Day: Disturbed gravelly ground.

# Taraxacum amplum – Toothed Dandelion +

Stanklyn Lane RVNR: SO8574: John Day det. A.J.Richards: Grass verge. 2nd county record.

# Taraxacum adiantifrons – Pretty-leaved Dandelion +

Spetchley crossroads: SO9053: Bert Reid conf. A.J.Richards: Grass verge of roundabout. 3rd county record.

Chadwick Lane Hartlebury: SO8370: John Day det. Bert Reid & A.J.Richards: Grass verge. 4th county record.

# Taraxacum edmondsonianum – Edmondson’s Dandelion

Sandy Lane: SO8877: John Day det. A.J.Richards: Grass bank. 3rd county record.

Stanklyn Lane RVNR: SO8574: John Day det. Bert Reid & A.J.Richards: Grass verge. 4th county record.

# Taraxacum fagerstroemii – Fagerstrom’s Dandelion +

Brockhill Lane: SP0771: John Day det. Bert Reid & A.J.Richards: Disturbed grass verge. 4th county record.

# Taraxacum hexhamense – Hexham Dandelion

Lea End Lane: SP0275: John Day det. Bert Reid & A.J.Richards: Disturbed verge. 2nd county record.

# Taraxacum planum – Diverse-leaved Dandelion +

Abbey Park Golf Course near Dagnell Brook: SP0569: John Day det. Bert Reid & A.J.Richards: Unmown grassland. 5th county record.

# Taraxacum porrigens – Hump-lobed Dandelion +

Heightington Church: SO7671: John Day & Bert Reid conf. A.J.Richards: Churchyard grassland. 3rd county record.

# Taraxacum porteri – Porter’s Dandelion

Lane Oldberrow to Morton Bagot: SP1165: John Day det. Bert Reid & A.J.Richards: Hedgebank. 3rd county record.

* Taraxacum pruinatum – Pruinose Dandelion +

Lane Grafton Flyford to Himbleton: SO9656: John Day det. Bert Reid & A.J.Richards: Grass verge. First county record.

* Taraxacum remanentilobum – Falcate-lobed Dandelion

Haws Hill Wood: SO6064: John Day det. A.J.Richards: Woodland ride. First county record.

# Taraxacum subxanthostigma – Purple-stalked Dadelion +

Slade Road Yardley Wood: SP1079: John Day det. Bert Reid & A.J.Richards: Grass verge. 3rd county record.

* Telekia speciosa – Yellow Oxeye +

Lilley Green Lane, Beoley: SP0671: Roger Maskew: Road verge. First county record.

# Tilia tomentosa - Silver-lime +

St Peters Park, Droitwich: SO9062: John Day: Planted tree supporting native gall causers. 3rd county record.

# Torilis arvensis - Spreading Hedge-parsley

Astwood Road Cemetery, Worcester: SO8556: John Day: c5 plts on old grave. New site for threatened plant.

Footpath to Mucknell Farm, Stoulton Parish: SO9051: Bert Reid: 12 clumps on edge of footpath by bean field.

New site for threatened plant.

Arable field north of A422 and east of village, Broughton Hackett Parish: SO9254: Bert Reid: Bean field edge, at least 9 plants. New site for threatened plant.

* Verbascum phlomoides x thaspus (V. x kerneri) a hybrid Mullein +

Severn Valley Railway, Sandbourne: SO7974: Roger Maskew conf. V.Johnstone: Railway sidings, 1 with c.30 V.phlomoides. First county record.