Field Recording Day Wilden Marsh 6th August 2011

Harry Green (compiler)

For an account of the field meeting see

Worcestershire Recorders Field Meetings [Recording Days] 2011

Taxon groupRecommended Taxon NameTaxon Common NameRecorders
lichenXanthoria parietinaXanthoria parietinaRAW
lichenEvernia prunastriEvernia prunastriRAW
lichenFlavoparmelia caperataFlavoparmelia caperataRAW
molluscArianta arbustorumArianta arbustorumRAW, GAF
mollusc Cepaea (Cepaea) hortensis Cepaea (Cepaea) hortensis RAW
mollusc Monacha (Monacha) cantiana Monacha (Monacha) cantiana GAF
spider (Araneae) Paidiscura pallens Paidiscura pallens RAW
spider (Araneae) Araneus diadematus Garden Orb-Web Spider RAW
spider (Araneae) Pisaura mirabilis Tent Spider RAW
harvestman (Opiliones) Leiobunum rotundum Leiobunum rotundum RAW
insect - dragonfly (Odonata) Ischnura elegans Blue-tailed Damselfly MA, DD, DB JB, DS
insect - dragonfly (Odonata) Enallagma cyathigerum Common Blue Damselfly MA
insect - dragonfly (Odonata) Coenagrion puella Azure Damselfly MA, DD
insect - dragonfly (Odonata) Calopteryx splendens Banded Demoiselle RAW, MA, DD, DB JB, DS
insect - dragonfly (Odonata) Aeshna grandis Brown Hawker MA, DS
insect - dragonfly (Odonata) Aeshna mixta Migrant Hawker MA
insect - dragonfly (Odonata) Sympetrum striolatum Common Darter MA, DD
insect - orthopteranConocephalus fuscusLong-winged Cone-headGHG
insect - orthopteranLeptophyes punctatissimaSpeckled Bush-cricketRAW, GAF, GHG, DB JB, DS, BW
insect - orthopteranMetrioptera roeseliiRoesel's Bush-cricketGHG
insect - orthopteranChorthippus brunneusField GrasshopperGAF, BW
insect - orthopteranChorthippus parallelusMeadow GrasshopperGAF, GHG
insect - orthopteranChorthippus albomarginatusLesser Marsh GrasshopperGHG
insect - orthopteranMyrmeleotettix maculatusMottled GrasshopperRAW, GAF, GHG, DB JB, BW
insect - orthopteranTetrix subulataSlender Ground-hopperRAW, GAF, DS, BW
insect - orthopteranTetrix undulataCommon Ground-hopperGAF, DB JB
insect - earwig (Dermaptera) Forficula auricularia Common Earwig GAF, DB JB
insect - true bug (Hemiptera) Polymerus (Poeciloscytus) palustris Polymerus (Poeciloscytus) palustris GAF
insect - true bug (Hemiptera) Stenodema (Stenodema) laevigata Stenodema (Stenodema) laevigata RAW
insect - true bug (Hemiptera) Cicadella viridis Cicadella viridis DB JB, DS
insect - true bug (Hemiptera) Eupteryx aurata Eupteryx aurata DS
insect - true bug (Hemiptera) Trapezonotus (Trapezonotus) arenarius Trapezonotus (Trapezonotus) arenarius RAW, DB JB
insect - true bug (Hemiptera) Coreus marginatus Coreus marginatus MA, GAF, DB JB
insect - true bug (Hemiptera) Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale RAW, GAF, GHG
insect - true bug (Hemiptera) Troilus luridus Troilus luridus GHG
insect - true bug (Hemiptera) Dolycoris baccarum Dolycoris baccarum DS
insect - true bug (Hemiptera) Palomena prasina Palomena prasina GHG, DS
insect - true bug (Hemiptera) Pentatoma rufipes Pentatoma rufipes DB JB
insect - lacewing (Neuroptera) Hemerobiidae Hemerobiidae DS
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Oulema melanopus Oulema melanopus RAW, GHG
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Gyrinus Gyrinus DS
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Carabus (Autocarabus) cancellatus Carabus (Autocarabus) cancellatus RAW
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Bembidion (Eupetedromus) dentellum Bembidion (Eupetedromus) dentellum DB JB
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Bembidion (Trepanes) articulatum Bembidion (Trepanes) articulatum DB JB
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Sphaeridium lunatum Sphaeridium lunatum DB JB
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Staphylinus caesareus Staphylinus caesareus DB JB
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Geotrupes spiniger Geotrupes spiniger DB JB
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Onthophagus (Paleonthophagus) fracticornis Onthophagus (Paleonthophagus) fracticornis DB JB
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Aphodius (Teuchestes) fossor Aphodius (Teuchestes) fossor DB JB
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Rhagonycha fulva Common Red Soldier Beetle DB JB, DS
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Tytthaspis sedecimpunctata 16-spot Ladybird GHG
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Propylea quattuordecimpunctata 14-spot Ladybird GHG, DD, DB JB, DS
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata 22-spot Ladybird DB JB
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Hippodamia (Adonia) variegata Adonis' Ladybird RAW, GHG
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Coccinella septempunctata 7-spot Ladybird RAW, GHG, DD, DB JB, DS
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Adalia decempunctata 10-spot Ladybird DB JB
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Harmonia axyridis Harlequin Ladybird GHG, DD, DB JB
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Leptura quadrifasciata Leptura quadrifasciata MA
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Rutpela maculata Rutpela maculata MA
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Chrysolina herbacea Chrysolina herbacea RAW, JS, DB JB
insect - beetle (Coleoptera) Chrysomela populi Red Poplar Leaf Beetle RAW, JS
insect - butterflyThymelicus sylvestrisSmall SkipperGHG, DS
insect - butterflyThymelicus lineolaEssex SkipperAS, GAF, DS
insect - butterflyPieris brassicaeLarge WhiteAS, GHG
insect - butterflyPieris rapaeSmall WhiteMA, DB JB
insect - butterflyPieris napiGreen-veined WhiteAS, RAW, MA, MN, GAF, DS
insect - butterflyLycaena phlaeasSmall CopperAS, RAW, DB JB
insect - butterflyAricia agestisBrown ArgusGAF, DB JB, DS
insect - butterflyPolyommatus icarusCommon BlueAS, MA, MN, GAF, GHG, DB JB, DS
insect - butterflyVanessa carduiPainted LadyRAW
insect - butterflyAglais urticaeSmall TortoiseshellAS, MA, GAF
insect - butterflyInachis ioPeacockAS, MA
insect - butterflyPolygonia c-albumCommaGAF
insect - butterflyPararge aegeriaSpeckled WoodAS, MA, MN, DB JB, DS
insect - butterflyPyronia tithonusHedge BrownAS, RAW, MA, MN, GHG, DS
insect - butterflyManiola jurtinaMeadow BrownAS, RAW, MA, GHG, DB JB, DS
insect - butterflyAphantopus hyperantusRingletAS
insect - mothColeophoraColeophoraDS
insect - mothBohemannia quadrimaculellaFour-spot PigmyAS
insect - mothStigmella salicisSallow PigmyAS
insect - mothStigmella perpygmaeellaLeast Thorn PigmyAS
insect - mothStigmella hybnerellaGreenish Thorn PigmyAS
insect - mothStigmella crataegellaCommon Thorn PigmyAS
insect - mothEmmetia margineaBordered CarlAS
insect - mothArgyresthia goedartellaGolden ArgentAS
insect - mothArgyresthia semifuscaBrown Rowan ArgentAS
insect - mothZygaena lonicerae subsp. latomarginataNarrow-bordered Five-spot BurnetRAW
insect - mothYponomeuta rorrellaWillow ErmineAS
insect - mothLyonetia clerkellaApple Leaf MinerAS
insect - mothCaloptilia elongellaPale Red SlenderAS
insect - mothParornix anglicellaHawthorn SlenderAS
insect - mothPhyllonorycter oxyacanthaeCommon Thorn MidgetAS
insect - mothPhyllonorycter corylifoliellaHawthorn MidgetAS
insect - mothPhyllonorycter salictellaWillow MidgetAS
insect - mothPhyllonorycter rajellaCommon Alder MidgetAS
insect - mothPhyllonorycter stettinensisSmall Alder MidgetAS
insect - mothPhyllonorycter kleemannellaDark Alder MidgetAS
insect - mothPhyllocnistis salignaWillow Bent-wingAS
insect - mothProchoreutis sehestedianaSilver-dot TwitcherAS, DB JB
insect - mothEpermenia chaerophyllellaGarden Lance-wingAS
insect - mothColeophora alnifoliaeBrown Alder Case-bearerAS
insect - mothElachista poaeSweet-grass DwarfAS
insect - mothCarcina quercanaLong-horned Flat-bodyAS
insect - mothMompha langiellaClouded CosmetAS
insect - mothMompha epilobiellaCommon CosmetAS
insect - mothCelypha lacunanaCommon MarbleAS, JS
insect - mothBactra lancealanaRush MarbleAS, DS
insect - mothEpinotia immundanaCommon Birch BellAS
insect - mothEpinotia teneranaNut Bud MothAS, DS
insect - mothGrapholita compositellaTriple-stripe PiercerAS, DS
insect - mothAgriphila straminellaStraw Grass-veneerAS, RAW, DS
insect - mothEudonia pallidaMarsh GreyAS
insect - mothDipleurina lacustrataLittle GreyAS
insect - mothPyrausta aurataSmall Purple & GoldAS, DS
insect - mothUdea lutealisPale Straw PearlAS
insect - mothPleuroptya ruralisMother of PearlAS
insect - mothMyelois circumvolutaThistle ErmineAS
insect - mothStenoptilia pterodactylaBrown PlumeDS
insect - mothTimandra comaeBlood-VeinAS
insect - mothXanthorhoe designataFlame CarpetAS, DS
insect - mothXanthorhoe spadiceariaRed Twin-spot CarpetAS
insect - mothEpirrhoe alternataCommon CarpetAS, RAW, DS
insect - mothSpilosoma lubricipedaWhite ErmineAS, DB JB
insect - mothTyria jacobaeaeCinnabarAS, RAW, MA, GHG, DS
insect - mothOchropleura plectaFlame ShoulderDS
insect - mothThalpophila maturaStraw UnderwingDS
insect - mothScoliopteryx libatrixHeraldAS
insect - mothRivula sericealisStraw DotAS, DS
insect - true fly (Diptera) Tipula oleracea Tipula oleracea MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Tipula lateralis Tipula lateralis MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Dilophus febrilis Fever Fly MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Dasineura ulmaria Dasineura ulmaria RAW
insect - true fly (Diptera) Jaapiella veronicae Jaapiella veronicae RAW
insect - true fly (Diptera) Atrichopogon winnertzi Atrichopogon winnertzi MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Rhagio tringarius Marsh Snipefly GAF
insect - true fly (Diptera) Thereva nobilitata Common Stiletto GAF
insect - true fly (Diptera) Machimus atricapillus Machimus atricapillus GAF
insect - true fly (Diptera) Machimus cingulatus Brown Heath Robberfly MEB, DB JB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Chrysotus gramineus Chrysotus gramineus MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Chrysotus neglectus Chrysotus neglectus MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Dolichopus latilimbatus Dolichopus latilimbatus MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Dolichopus ungulatus Dolichopus ungulatus MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Poecilobothrus nobilitatus Poecilobothrus nobilitatus MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Rhaphium caliginosum Rhaphium caliginosum MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Sympycnus desoutteri Sympycnus desoutteri MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Lonchoptera bifurcata Lonchoptera bifurcata MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Lonchoptera lutea Lonchoptera lutea MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Chrysotoxum verralli Chrysotoxum verralli JS, GAF
insect - true fly (Diptera) Dasysyrphus tricinctus Dasysyrphus tricinctus JS
insect - true fly (Diptera) Episyrphus balteatus Episyrphus balteatus RAW, MA, GHG, DB JB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Eristalis arbustorum Eristalis arbustorum GHG
insect - true fly (Diptera) Eristalis horticola Eristalis horticola MA, GAF, GHG
insect - true fly (Diptera) Eristalis interruptus Eristalis interruptus MA
insect - true fly (Diptera) Eristalis intricarius Eristalis intricarius RAW, MA, JS, GAF
insect - true fly (Diptera) Eristalis pertinax Eristalis pertinax GAF, GHG
insect - true fly (Diptera) Eristalis tenax Eristalis tenax GAF, GHG
insect - true fly (Diptera) Eupeodes corollae Eupeodes corollae DB JB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Eupeodes luniger Eupeodes luniger GAF, GHG
insect - true fly (Diptera) Helophilus hybridus Helophilus hybridus GAF
insect - true fly (Diptera) Helophilus pendulus Helophilus pendulus RAW, MA, GAF
insect - true fly (Diptera) Myathropa florea Myathropa florea DB JB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Platycheirus rosarum Platycheirus rosarum GHG
insect - true fly (Diptera) Rhingia campestris Rhingia campestris RAW, GAF
insect - true fly (Diptera) Scaeva pyrastri Scaeva pyrastri RAW, GAF, GHG, DB JB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Sericomyia silentis Sericomyia silentis GAF
insect - true fly (Diptera) Sphaerophoria scripta Sphaerophoria scripta RAW, MA, DB JB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Syritta pipiens Syritta pipiens RAW, GAF, DB JB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Syrphus ribesii Syrphus ribesii MA, GHG
insect - true fly (Diptera) Volucella inanis Volucella inanis GAF, DS
insect - true fly (Diptera) Volucella pellucens Volucella pellucens GAF
insect - true fly (Diptera) Xanthogramma pedissequum Xanthogramma pedissequum JS
insect - true fly (Diptera) Xylota sylvarum Xylota sylvarum DB JB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Tomosvaryella palliditarsis Tomosvaryella palliditarsis MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Conops flavipes Conops flavipes DB JB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Conops quadrifasciatus Conops quadrifasciatus GAF
insect - true fly (Diptera) Urophora stylata Urophora stylata RAW
insect - true fly (Diptera) Campiglossa misella Campiglossa misella RAW
insect - true fly (Diptera) Anomoia purmunda Anomoia purmunda RAW
insect - true fly (Diptera) Meiosimyza decipiens Meiosimyza decipiens MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Ilione albiseta Ilione albiseta MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Pherbina coryleti Pherbina coryleti MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Psacadina verbekei Psacadina verbekei MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Tetanocera arrogans Tetanocera arrogans MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Tetanocera elata Tetanocera elata MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Sepsis cynipsea Sepsis cynipsea MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Sepsis flavimana Sepsis flavimana MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Sepsis fulgens Sepsis fulgens MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Themira lucida Themira lucida MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Cerodontha luctuosa Cerodontha luctuosa MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Cerodontha suturalis Cerodontha suturalis MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Opomyza florum Opomyza florum MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Anthomyza gracilis Anthomyza gracilis MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Elachiptera cornuta Elachiptera cornuta MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Oscinella angularis Oscinella angularis MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Oscinella frit Oscinella frit MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Oscinella nitidissima Oscinella nitidissima MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Oscinella pusilla Oscinella pusilla MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Oscinella trochanterata Oscinella trochanterata MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Siphonella oscinina Siphonella oscinina MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Copromyza equina Copromyza equina MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Lotophila atra Lotophila atra MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Chaetopodella scutellaris Chaetopodella scutellaris MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Coproica lugubris Coproica lugubris MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Leptocera nigra Leptocera nigra MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Opacifrons coxata Opacifrons coxata MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Pullimosina moesta Pullimosina moesta MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Rachispoda limosa Rachispoda limosa MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Rachispoda lutosa Rachispoda lutosa MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Rachispoda lutosoidea Rachispoda lutosoidea MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Spelobia clunipes Spelobia clunipes MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Spelobia palmata Spelobia palmata MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Scaptomyza pallida Scaptomyza pallida MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Campichoeta obscuripennis Campichoeta obscuripennis MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Psilopa nitidula Psilopa nitidula MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Parydra coarctata Parydra coarctata MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Scatella stagnalis Scatella stagnalis MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Scatella tenuicosta Scatella tenuicosta MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Scatophila caviceps Scatophila caviceps MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Discocerina obscurella Discocerina obscurella MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Ditrichophora calceata Ditrichophora calceata MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Hydrellia maura Hydrellia maura MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Botanophila striolata Botanophila striolata MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Delia lamelliseta Delia lamelliseta MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Delia platura Delia platura MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Hydrophoria ruralis Hydrophoria ruralis MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Fannia rondanii Fannia rondanii MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Fannia serena Fannia serena MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Fannia similis Fannia similis MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Fannia umbrosa Fannia umbrosa MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Fannia vesparia Fannia vesparia MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Coenosia bilineella Coenosia bilineella MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Lispocephala erythrocera Lispocephala erythrocera MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Limnophora tigrina Limnophora tigrina MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Azelia triquetra Azelia triquetra MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Hydrotaea irritans Headfly MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Hydrotaea militaris Hydrotaea militaris MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Hydrotaea parva Hydrotaea parva MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Mesembrina meridiana Mesembrina meridiana RAW, MA, DB JB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Musca autumnalis Face Fly MEB, DB JB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Muscina levida Muscina levida MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Hebecnema nigra Hebecnema nigra MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Hebecnema umbratica Hebecnema umbratica MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Mydaea electa Mydaea electa MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Mydaea urbana Mydaea urbana MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Myospila meditabunda Myospila meditabunda MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Helina maculipennis Helina maculipennis MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Helina obscurata Helina obscurata MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Phaonia atriceps Phaonia atriceps MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Bellardia viarum Bellardia viarum MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Lucilia caesar Lucilia caesar MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Pollenia labialis Pollenia labialis MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Pollenia pediculata Pollenia pediculata MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Pollenia rudis Pollenia rudis MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Rhinophora lepida Rhinophora lepida MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Sarcophaga aratrix Sarcophaga aratrix MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Sarcophaga carnaria Sarcophaga carnaria MA
insect - true fly (Diptera) Sarcophaga variegata Sarcophaga variegata MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Prosena siberita Prosena siberita MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Eriothrix rufomaculata Eriothrix rufomaculata MEB
insect - true fly (Diptera) Exorista larvarum Exorista larvarum MA
insect - true fly (Diptera) Tachina fera Tachina fera MA, GHG
insect - hymenopteranArge ochropusArge ochropusGHT
insect - hymenopteranChrysis ignitaChrysis ignitaMA
insect - hymenopteranTrichrysis cyaneaTrichrysis cyaneaBW
insect - hymenopteranLasius nigerLasius nigerGHT, DB JB
insect - hymenopteran Ametastegia (Ametastegia) glabrata Ametastegia (Ametastegia) glabrata GHT
insect - hymenopteran Anoplius (Anoplius) concinnus Anoplius (Anoplius) concinnus GHT
insect - hymenopteran Anoplius (Anoplius) nigerrimus Anoplius (Anoplius) nigerrimus GHT
insect - hymenopteranNeuroterus quercusbaccarum f. agamicCommon Spangle CauserRAW
insect - hymenopteranVespa crabroVespa crabroMA, MN
insect - hymenopteran Vespula (Paravespula) vulgaris Vespula (Paravespula) vulgaris MA, GHT, GAF
insect - hymenopteranCrabro peltariusCrabro peltariusGHT
insect - hymenopteran Ectemnius (Hypocrabro) continuus Ectemnius (Hypocrabro) continuus GHT
insect - hymenopteranCerceris rybyensisCerceris rybyensisGHT
insect - hymenopteranPontania proximaPontania proximaRAW
insect - hymenopteran Andrena (Taeniandrena) wilkella Andrena (Taeniandrena) wilkella GHT
insect - hymenopteranSphecodes pellucidusSphecodes pellucidusGHT
insect - hymenopteran Megachile (Megachile) ligniseca Megachile (Megachile) ligniseca GHT
insect - hymenopteran Bombus (Bombus) lucorum Bombus (Bombus) lucorum GHG
insect - hymenopteran Bombus (Melanobombus) lapidarius Bombus (Melanobombus) lapidarius GHT, GHG
insect - hymenopteran Bombus (Thoracombus) humilis Bombus (Thoracombus) humilis GHT
insect - hymenopteran Bombus (Thoracombus) pascuorum Bombus (Thoracombus) pascuorum GHT
insect - hymenopteranApis melliferaApis melliferaDB JB
insect - hymenopteranGasteruption jaculatorGasteruption jaculatorRAW
amphibianLissotriton vulgarisSmooth NewtGHG
amphibianRana temporariaCommon FrogGHG, DS
reptileNatrix natrixGrass SnakeMN, GHG
birdAnas platyrhynchosMallardMN
birdPhasianus colchicusCommon PheasantMN
birdArdea cinereaGrey HeronMN
birdAccipiter nisusEurasian SparrowhawkGHG, BW
birdButeo buteoCommon BuzzardMN, GHG, DS
birdLarus fuscusLesser Black-backed GullBW
birdColumba palumbusCommon Wood PigeonMN, DS
birdAlcedo atthisCommon KingfisherBW
birdPicus viridisGreen WoodpeckerMN, BW
birdHirundo rusticaBarn SwallowBW
birdDelichon urbicumHouse MartinBW
birdTroglodytes troglodytesWinter WrenMN
birdPrunella modularisHedge AccentorBW
birdErithacus rubeculaEuropean RobinBW
birdOenanthe oenantheNorthern WheatearMN
birdTurdus merulaCommon BlackbirdMN
birdSylvia communisCommon WhitethroatMN, BW
birdPhylloscopus collybitaCommon ChiffchaffMN, BW
birdCyanistes caeruleusBlue TitMN, BW
birdParus majorGreat TitBW
birdGarrulus glandariusEurasian JayMN, DS, BW
birdPica picaBlack-billed MagpieMN, BW
birdCorvus coroneCarrion CrowBW
birdCarduelis carduelisEuropean GoldfinchBW
birdCarduelis cannabinaCommon LinnetMN
terrestrial mammalOryctolagus cuniculusEuropean RabbitRAW