Worcestershire Record No. 27 November 2009 p. 3


Simon Wood

As we reflect on 2009ís slightly less wet summer than those we have endured for the the last couple of years I extend thanks to all who have continued to contribute data to WBRC! As ever the Worcestershire Recorders have persevered and continued to explore and record the biological diversity of Worcestershire, the combined database of accessible records now stands at nearly 980,000.

As you are probably aware we have been running Recorder 2002 as our main data storage system: during the summer we made the change to Recorder 6. This is a more robust version in the Recorder family and should provide the capacity for our data holdings to continue to expand well into the future. Those of you who currently run Recorder 2002 at home may want to upgrade but there may be no need for you do this depending on which species groups you record and the volume of data you produce, in either case please give me a call in the first instance so we can discuss your needs.

Following on from the transition to Recorder 6 has been the start of our uploading of data to the NBN Gateway. Our data is being uploaded in stages as part of our obligations to gain Natural England funds. Data will be visible at a resolution of 2km to casual observers but greater access is controlled by WBRC so will mirror the way we work already in our delivery of data to those who have a bona fide need.

In the last 6 months there has been an increase in the number of new faces who have offered their time as volunteers at WBRCís office. Angela Pountney, Davis Arscott and Simon Roberts have joined us, together with our regulars John Partridge, John Meiklejohn and Ruth Bourne we have a full office most days!

The national Association of Local Environmental Record Centres (ALERC) is now up and running, WBRC has applied for membership and further details are available on the ALERC website (www.alerc.org.uk) but the association aims to provide a much needed voice for all county LRCís on issues that need to be addressed with organisations at national policy level, an area which, to date has been somewhat beyond the scope of individual county LRCís.

Please feel free to contact the office on 01905 759759, e-mail records@wbrc.org.uk to discuss any aspects of data collation or indeed other issues relating to WBRC.

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