Worcestershire Record No. 25 November 2008 p. 43


Bert Reid

The most notable feature of the site was the abundance of Greater Butterfly Orchid Platanthera chloranta, with several thousand plants, probably the largest population in Worcestershire. The lightly shaded calcareous soils here obviously suit this plant very well. Grass Vetchling Lathyrus nissolia and Narrow-leaved Bird’s-foot-trefoil Lotus glaber were also at least locally abundant, an unusual sight in the county. Common Gromwell Lithosperma officinale is only found in a few places, but here we found several scattered groups between the fruit trees.

Other locally uncommon plants found were also mainly moderate calcicoles. These included Yellow-wort Blackstonia perfoliata, Tor-grass Brachypodium pinnatum, Upright Brome Bromopsis erecta and Ploughman’s-spikenard Inula conyzae. Several other orchids were noted; occasional Common Spotted-orchid Dactlyorhiza fuchsii, two plants of Pyramidal Orchid Anacamptis pyramidalis and single plants of Common Twayblade Listera ovata and Bee Orchid Ophrys apifera. Other interesting plants were Great Horsetail Equisetum telmateia by ditches and Field Pepperwort Lepidium campestre on waste ground near the barn.

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