Worcestershire Record No. 23 November 2007 pp. 6-19



Harry Green

The following pages contain distribution maps based on monads (2x2km squares) of Worcestershire’s mammals based on data collected from January 1995 to November 2007. A very brief comment is added. For the Atlas the closing date for records is 31st December 2007. This is your last opportunity to send in data for the Atlas. Thereafter we shall of course be pleased to receive records for the WBRC’s on-going database.

Please check the maps carefully and if you see blank monads and you know any of the mammal species have been seen there during the Atlas period please send in your records as a matter of urgency. Ideally each record should be with a six-figure grid reference but this is not essential – we are very happy to receive monad records so if you know you have recorded a species in a monad please send in your records. Again, ideally, we should prefer an exact date but we are happy to receive records based on month and year, year only, and if we are really pushed we will use decadal records!

This is you last chance to provide records! When the Atlas is published if you haven’t responded to this last appeal, please don’t complain about missing dots on the maps! If you are going to send in records we must have them by the end of January 2008. Please help.

Send your records clearly marked for the Worcestershire Mammal Atlas to Jenni Schenk at the WBRC. The address is on the back of Worcestershire Record. Or email them to Jenni at jennifer@wbrc.org.uk titled Mammal Atlas Records

The final stage in preparing the Mammal Atlas is being co-ordinated by a small group comprising:

Harry Green (Worcestershire Recorders)
Geoff Trevis (Chair WBRC Board and Worcestershire Recorders Committee)
Jenni Schenk (who works with Simon Wood at the WBRC and is dealing with the database)
Johnny Birks (Local and national mammal expert)

The final format of the Atlas is not yet decided. There will probably be distribution maps and an annotation of explanation and interpretation. The aim is to provide a definitive picture of Mammals in Worcestershire around the Millennium

Finally, very many thank to all who have contributed records to this Project.

The maps have been prepared by John Partridge with 1995 - 2007 records from the database at WBRC using DMap.

Polecat, Polecat-ferret, Feral Ferret
Badger, Weasel, Stoat
Brown Rat, Fox, Mole
Brown Hare, Grey Squirrel, Rabbit
Otter, Pine Marten, American Mink
Field Vole, Water Vole, Bank Vole
Common Dormouse, House Mouse, Hedgehog
Wood Mouse, Harvest Mouse, Yellow-necked Mouse
Common Shrew, Water Shrew, Pygmy Shrew
Fallow Deer, Muntjac, Roe Deer
Pipistrelle, 55kHz Pipistrelle, 45kHz Pipistrelle
Brown Long-eared Bat, Noctule, Daubenton's Bat


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