Worcestershire Record No. 23 November 2007 p. 21


Harry Green

On 23rd July I received a phone call from Pauline Wilson who lives at Broughton Hackett not far from the Bow Brook. In this and in her subsequent emails she explained how every time the Bow Brook flooded an otter visited a nearby pool on fishing expeditions. The flood a few days before had left patches of soft sand which recorded clear footprints, and nearby were the remaining parts of the fish that had been eaten. She kindly sent the following series of pictures ( Pauline Wilson). They form a very nice record of otter activity. 

Otter footprint in sand  - Broughton Hackett
Leftover carp head (from pool) after an otter had dined
Dirty feeder! - scattered fish scales after otter had eaten fish Leftover pike head (probably from Bow Brook) after an otter had dined

What do Buzzards eat?

As an afterthought she mentioned that buzzards sometimes preyed on her bantams the only buzzard story I have for this issue of Worcestershire Record, though maybe I should note in passing the one that got caught in a mist nest by ringers working in an orchard near Alfrick (catching fieldfares). A B****Y GREAT BIRD IN THE HAND as it was put to me!!

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