Worcestershire Record No. 22 April 2007 p. 7


Notes to aid passing data to WBRC

Recording day records should be sent to the WBRC soon after the recording days so that site lists can be prepared for the November issue of Worcestershire Record

To ensure that your records do not get overlooked for a time in any backlog that we may have, please put "RECORDING DAY RECORDS" in the e-mail subject line, or the heading of any paper records.

For each Recording Day use a single site name given for the visit as by Harry Green when the recording day location details sheet sent out to all who book for the Day.  If the Recording Day visit is to more than one site keep the records for each site separate.

Additional names or descriptions within the site are very useful to add extra depth to the location but please put these into a separate column. You may specify individual grid references for some or all species - again a separate column, please. 

As we have requested previously, if you send records as an attachment to your e-mail, please name the file with your initials followed by the date, e.g. the file name for Mr I.B.A. Spotter reporting on 14th May 2006 would be: IBAS140506.

Send paper data to WBRC at Lower Smite Farm or email records@wbrc.org.uk

You can always add a delivery notification request to your sent email, but we do aim to send a notification of receipt.

Please do not duplicate your Recording Day Records when sending in your End of Year records - this can cause a lot of confusion. 

See "Do you want to add more to your records?" for more information about what you can include if you wish.

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