Worcestershire Record No. 22 April 2007 p. 27


Geoff Trevis

Since publication of the county checklist (Trevis 2006) I have received information about some new species to be added to it. Kevin McGee reported Didineis lunicornis at Mill Meadow, Drakes Broughton, and Mimumesa dahlbomi at Grafton Wood, whilst Harry Green had found an unusual species at Rough Hill Orchard, Birlingham near Pershore, which was identified by Mike Edwards as Crossocerus styrius. All three species are solitary wasps.

Whilst drafting the check list I had some useful discussions with Mike Edwards. Some species included are exceedingly rare and the records have been questioned by Mike and other national experts. As I was not able to provide voucher specimens the records could not be added to the national database. Could I therefore ask anybody who identifies rare species to keep a voucher specimen in case it is required for confirmation. In future if I identify a rare species referred to me I will keep the voucher unless its return is specifically requested. I will of course notify anybody referring specimens to me of the identification and will return the specimen if asked. I would also like to keep more common specimens for the reference collection if they are new to me or to the county.

In February I attended a workshop on identification of sawflies and am now willing to have a go at any that you may find during the coming year. I claim no expertise as yet and will need to get my eye in but as this group is sadly under recorded any that can be added to the database will be welcome.


TREVIS GH 2006. A Review of Worcestershire aculeate hymenoptera. Worcestershire Record 21;31-39.

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