Worcestershire Record No. 21 April 2007 p. 6


Modified 26th October 2006.*

Worcestershire Recorders

(The Group) is a group whose objective is to encourage the collection, collation and publication of biological records and their storage at the Worcestershire Biological Records Centre. Members will be those people subscribing the newsletter, the Worcestershire Record. Members of Worcestershire Recorders will form the constituency to nominate and elect three members of the Worcestershire Biological Records Centre Management Board. The Group will be managed by a committee, Worcestershire Recordersí Committee, which will organise ballots for the Board nominees and for committee members and will manage the Groupís finances. The committee will also arrange the annual recordersí meeting and will organise field meetings and organise or commission educational activities and workshops and any other activities deemed to assist in achieving its objectives.

The income and property of the Group will be used solely for the promotion of its aims and objectives and will not be paid or transferred to members, committee members or honorary officers of the Group.

If upon winding-up or dissolution of the Group there remains, after payment of debts and liabilities, any property or funds these will be transferred to the Worcestershire Biological Record Centre (Registered Charity No 1096279) or to another charitable organisation with similar aims and objectives and will not be paid to or distributed among members of the Group, the committee or honorary officers..

Worcestershire Recordersí Committee

Objectives and Activities:

To organise ballots for committee members.
To organise ballots for nominees to the Worcestershire Biological Records Centre Board.
To organise the annual recorders meeting.
To organise field meetings for recording specific sites.
To organise or commission educational activities and workshops and other activities contributing to the objectives of Worcestershire Recorders. Workshops to be widely advertised and open to the public on payment of the fee. The fee is also paid by members.
To manage the finances of Worcestershire Recorders.
To ensure that summaries of data collected are, from time to time, published and become available in the public domain.
The committee will normally meet at two-monthly intervals (six times a year) with a minimum of four meetings annually.

Membership of the Committee:

Any individual subscribing member of Worcestershire Recorders may stand for election to the committee.

The committee shall consist of no fewer than six and no more than 15 members.

Chairman and Honorary Officers:

The committee shall elect its own chairman and such other honorary officers as it deems necessary to manage its affairs.

The honorary officers will undertake the day to day management of the Group and its finances including subscriptions, donations, grants and any other contributions and ensure all income is used solely for furthering the aims of the organisation. A report of the Groupís finances will be presented to the committee at each meeting, to the Annual Meeting, and be published annually in the Worcestershire Record

Election of Committee Members:

A request for nominations to be made by post will be issued with the autumn edition of the Worcestershire Record.

The list of nominations will be published with the agenda and papers for the annual meeting, not later than 14 days prior to the meeting.

In the event of more nominations being received than there are vacancies on the committee, a secret ballot will be held at the annual meeting. Members unable to attend the meeting will be able to notify their preferred nominees to the chairman who will cast their votes by proxy.


Updates on significant developments will appear in the Worcestershire Record.

An annual report will be prepared for the annual meeting at which the chairman will be available to take questions and comments from members. The report will be published in Worcestershire Record.

A schedule of committee meetings will be published in the Worcestershire Record so that members of Worcestershire Recorders can attend if they wish. Non-elected members will be encouraged to participate in discussions and to contribute ideas for enhancing the work of the group but will not be eligible to vote.

Worcestershire Biological Records Centre Board

Election of three nominated members Worcestershire Recorders to the WBRC Board will also take place at the annual meeting under the same rules as those governing election of the committee. The Board nominees should be members of the Recordersí Committee so that they fully understand recordersí views and can ensure these are correctly transmitted to the Board for consideration.

Signed on behalf of Worcestershire Recorders Committee

G.H. Trevis

Chairman of Worcestershire Recordersí Committee

W. J. Partridge

Committee Secretary

G. H. Green

Financial and membership management

Constitution originally agreed 9th February 2003.

Modified and agreed 26th October 2006.

*When applying for a grant from YOUR HERITAGE (part of the Heritage Lottery Fund) to employ a person to take forward parish by parish surveys for Ancient Trees it was pointed out to us that our constitution lacked two important points. First, there was no provision for distributing assets and funds if Worcestershire Recorders were wound up. Second, there was no statement that funds collected must only be used to further Worcestershire Recorders objectives and could not be distributed to any person involved in its activities. The Committee adjusted the Constitution to include these necessities

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