Worcestershire Record No. 21 April 2007 pp. 4-5


Simon Wood

November 2006.

Thanks must be given again this year to everyone who has contributed to WBRC, the record collection, data entry at home or within WBRC office means that the database of accessible records now stands at just over 830,000 in total. With many 2006 records still to come into WBRC this number is constantly being elevated ever greater level. Record volume is just one aspect of coverage, we are also ever increasing both the geographic spread and taxonomic diversity of data over the county.

We are still running Recorder 2002 as our main data storage system and have as yet not made the transfer to Recorder 6. Much of our time has been spent implementing a Geographical Information System for both ourselves and Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. This software allows spatial data to be displayed, queried and applied to contextual maps. The additional work load has been spread by employing a temporary part-time officer through funds that were made available by Worcestershire County Council to plug gaps in core areas where it has been difficult to access sufficient funds. The post of Biological Recording Officer has been filled by Jenni Schenke, who some of you may remember was our sandwich year placement student two years ago.

The Mammal Atlas project has been continuing to generate a good number of records over the summer and please make sure you send in any completed recording forms you have so we can properly assess the amount of data there is to computerise. News on the production of the atlas will come via the Recorders Committee, and WBRC will be providing all the help we can to ensure a smooth process.

Please feel free to contact me on 01905 759759, e-mail simon@wbrc.org.uk to discuss any aspects of data collation or indeed other issues relating to WBRC.

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