Worcestershire Record No. 21 April 2007 p. 3


Take a glance at the lists from the Recording Days 2006, and for the other years these have been published in Worcestershire Record – whose name stands out for many records of a wide range of invertebrates? John Meiklejohn! Visit the Worcestershire Biological Records Centre and trawl through the files both paper and electronic. Who has recordest the widest range of species over many, many years? John Meiklejohn! Who, back in the 1980s kept the WBRC alive when it would otherwise have died? John Meiklejohn! Who do we rely on to identify practically anything when we are at a loss? John Meiklejohn! John is a tower of strength to the Worcestershire biological recording community.


On the 17th July 2006 John reached his 80th birthday and he is still in fine fettle and recording more than the rest of us put together. The Worcestershire Recorders and the WBRC paid tribute to John on reaching this milestone in three ways. We took him out to lunch. We presented him with several insect store boxes, on behalf of Worcestershire Recorders, to make more room for his invaluable reference working collection of insects, especially beetles. And we drank a toast to his continuing good heath, happiness, and good fortune at the Recorders Committee meeting on 13th July 2006 as can be seen in the picture.

Picture: Celebrating John Meiklejohn’s 80th birthday at the Worcestershire Recorders Committee meeting 13th July 2006 held at the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust headquarters at Lower Smite Farm. Left to right: Rosemary Winnall, John Day, Harry Green, Geoff Trevis, Ann Hill, Bert Reid (at the back), John Meiklejohn, Tessa Carrick, Gary Farmer, John Partridge, Patrick Taylor. Picture Becky Lashley

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