Worcestershire Record No. 20 April 2007 p. 26


Re your ever-present query "What do buzzards eat?" I saw one contemplating a squashed pheasant this morning on the Ledbury road at the bottom of the hill from the British Camp. It was so intent that it did not move as I drove past on the other side of the road, but a car coming in the opposite direction would certainly have disturbed or killed it, as it was bang in the middle of the carriageway. The outcome was lost to sight as I progressed round a bend not safe to stop and investigate. Martin Skirrow

I also saw a buzzard vigorously tearing at a road-killed pheasant near Croome on 2nd April 2006.

Up to eight birds were often seen standing about in the middle of a large arable field near Bricklehampton during the 2005-6 winter. They started to do so soon after the field was cultivated. From time to time one would take off, fly perhaps 100 yards and then settle again. For most of the time they did nothing at all! Occasionally they waddled about and picked up something in their bill. Maybe earthworms or insects. Harry Green

I have been meaning to write about some What do Buzzards eat? sightings. My cousin told me he saw a Buzzard feeding on a dead sheep, sometime between Christmas and the New Year near Heightington. I have had one following the plough again for earthworms. I asked the lads at Hartlebury tip whether they get Buzzards there. They said that they occasionally see one when they arrive for work first thing in the morning. Mike Southall

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