Worcestershire Record No. 20 April 2007 p. 26


Gary Farmer

The first time we saw them was 12th March. 2006 It was only because the kids were being particularly un-cooperative with regards to going out that we saw the Hawfinches at all! I had one last look in the garden and saw the female first and then saw the male, both feeding on sunflower seeds. We have seen the male on several occasions since, but he only stayed for five or ten minutes each time. The last time we saw him was 27th March along with seven Bramblings (five of the latter are still present on 2nd April).

A female was seen in Church Hill, Redditch (Marfield School) by Anthony Western once on 11th March. A pair turned up in a garden near Dormston week beginning 3rd April not far from Grafton and Roundhill Woods. But hopes of these being a possible breeding pair were dashed when the male was found dead on Thursday 6th (Reported by Chris Farman).

Jane Richmond reported one from a garden in Headless Cross in February and another was reported throughout the winter in Winyates Green, Redditch.

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